Welcome to My World

Here I come world, one more blogger spreading my thoughts across the Internet. I’m new to this blogging business, so all of you veteran bloggers are asked to be a little patient.

So why have I decided to add my voice to the cacaphony of virtual voices that are already thundering across cyberspace? Why not? I’ve seen posts online on every subject from politics to conspiracy theories (not much difference there, eh?), from recipes to celebrity gossip, and from the latest news to the oldest rumors. I’ve read posts that were as incisive as a scalpel or as dull as a butter knife and everything in between. I’ve read posts that were profoundly meaningful and others that were barely sentient. So, with all of that freedom to opine on the Internet, I’ve decided to join in the fun and do some opining of my own.

So, dear readers, in the next few weeks or months (depending on how quickly the lynch mob finds me) I plan on doing plenty of opining. There will probably be very few subjects that will escape my attention, and some of them are bound to tick a few of you off. I won’t apologize in advance as that implies a regret that I said whatever it was in the first place. However, I will ask for your forgiveness in advance…it just seems like the right thing to do.

So, here goes…



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4 responses to “Welcome to My World

  1. johnreyn

    This is too long of a read for one sitting Dave, but given a few days I will get through it all. I hope that I remember your name correctly. Also, as I recall, you were in the Navy, as I was to under the flag of the USMC.

    The ship in the Black Sea was/is the USS donald Cook, now sort of known as the “USS Donald Duck”, as in a “sitting duck.” A Russian SU-24 made around 12 attack runs on the ship, and all and every piece of electronic equpimant went down and stayed down on the ship when the SU-24 was in the area. If I recall correctly, when it returned to port, around 50 officers retired from the Navy – my guess is that their wives could not get the brown stains out of their boxers even with bleach. ..!

    I’m in Russia and please beleave me deeply – this government, not its people want any form of war what-so-ever. Syria called them and they came – all others are invadors. Now, it seems calming down there. Russia will not allow the genocide of the Russians in eastern Ukraine; Ukraine was for the longest time part of Russia, and Russian’s defend Russian’s.

    Crimea was anexed in the same way West Germany anexed East Germany, so to say anyway. It has been Russia for hundreds of years, and was “given as a token” to Ukraine when Ukraine was Russia. I’m sure you know the history.

    For God’s sake, and the sake of all humanity, lets pray Trump pulls NATO out of the Baltics, Ukraine, and the Middle East. War is not the answer, and the aggressor is the US, globaly. …

    Peace brother,
    Without spell check working,
    I’ll send,
    John Reynolds

  2. johnreyn

    Have a new image – don’t see it here – one from back in the day – 1969 –

  3. johnreyn

    Oh, it did change)))

    Peace Brother,
    God the Father is in charge. ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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