A Brief Note…

This is aimed at those of my Christian brothers and sisters who may have read my recent post regarding the Rapture. Since I posted that article I have had the gnawing thought that it may have caused division or disharmony among you, and I want you to know that was not my intent. I believe that causing divisions among believers is a bad thing; the extreme divisiveness within Christianity has diluted our witness and encouraged our detractors ever since the days of the Apostles, to the point where whole wars have been fought between branches of the Christian faith. Those of us who believe in the Gospel and the Bible should recall that we are all members of one body, and even though we may have different opinions on what are really trivial matters, we should not allow those differences to estrange us from each other. “A house divided cannot stand”, and the only reason that Christianity’s divisions did not destroy us over the past 2,000 years is because God is still using us to reach out to others.

So, my dear friends, if my previous post caused you to be distressed or vexed in any way, I beg your indulgence and forgiveness, for that was not my intention. I still stand by every word that I wrote, but I want you to know that I have had many close brothers and sisters who fervently believed that Christ would fetch us out of the world at the beginning of the Tribulation, and we were nearly always able to agree to disagree. Frankly, I would rather that they were right! I have sounded the trumpet of the watchman as described in Ezekiel 33, and I will leave it at that. The important thing is that we love each other in the Lord and continue to allow ourselves to be used by God in these perilous times.

‘Nuff said. Let’s move on now…



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4 responses to “A Brief Note…

  1. Great post. I just found you because of your sharing on my blog. If you have read my posts on various bible teachings, you will know my views on the so called “rapture” doctrine. Division is not good, but rightly dividing the word is imperative lest some wolf in teachers clothing confound the young sheep! I too am a watchman and Eze 33:7 used to be my signature. I cannot but speak the truth as my heart knows it to be and pray for wisdom both inwardly and for those hearing the words I say. We are in the last days.

    • davidgreybeard

      I couldn’t agree more. I have always been a firm believer in Paul’s suggestion to test everything, and I apply that to everything I read and hear. It’s a pleasure to hear from someone else who is not counting on a miraculous evac from the sky to arrive, and I agree that dividing the word – and knowing it – are vital to avoiding the plethora of false doctrines and spiritual traps in this world. I have just started to read your posts, but I will be reading more – so far, your views are intriguing. Thanks for following!

  2. I’ll read both – they sound interesting. Paul did tend to be pretty complex, but then, he was trained to think like a lawyer LOL! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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