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Now that Thanksgiving Day is over here in America I thought I would write a few words about something that I am very thankful for, and that is forgiveness. To me the only thing that is greater than forgiveness is love, but then forgiving is a handmaiden to love and one of its most valuable attributes.

Some people think that when you forgive someone you are forgetting what they did to wrong you, but that’s not true. No amount of effort or good intent can really make you forget what was done to you, but when you forgive someone you are choosing to ignore what they did; you are choosing to not hold their wrongdoing against them.

Something that I learned a long time ago is that when you are seeking forgiveness, whether it is from God or anyone else, you are trying to make amends for what you did; you are trying to make it right. A number of years ago I put myself in a 12 step program to get rid of some unnecessary baggage in my life, and one of the steps was to make amends for the wrongs that I’d committed against the people in my life. One of the things that I was taught, though, is that while you should sincerely try to make amends for what you did, there will be times when you just can’t make it right, and that you should always be prepared for that possibility. We cannot always make right what we did to hurt someone, but we should always try.

Another thing that I learned about forgiving is that while it is hard enough to forgive someone else for what they did, sometimes it is much harder to forgive myself. There are a lot of times when we cannot get out of our minds what we did to hurt someone else, and that can lead to not forgiving ourselves. But as was pointed out to me, if God or another person can forgive us then who are we to not forgive ourselves for the very same thing? We need to be able to forgive ourselves for those things that we have been forgiven for, as hard as it can be at times. There are many things that I have forgiven others for, but there have been many times when it was a lot harder and took a lot longer for me to forgive myself. It’s something that God and I are still working on…

So as we enter this holiday season I am grateful that I am able to forgive, but I am even more grateful for the forgiveness that I have been shown, both by God and by others in my life. Without forgiveness none of us would get very far in this world or the next, and I will always be grateful that forgiving and being forgiven is given to us.


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The Post-election Breath Holding

Well, the results of the voting are now coming in and it appears that Barack Obama has been re-elected. Now myself, I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, but what is done is done and at least now we don’t have to listen to the incessant election commercials and the constant bickering between the two sides (there have been many days lately when I felt like the little girl crying because she was tired of “Bronco Bama and Romney”). Now we can go back to the normal levels of bickering, which are bad enough. But now comes the period of breath holding, of waiting to see what’s next.

I call it “breath-holding” because that is what it is like right now. This long, contentious campaign season has seen the divisiveness and harsh rhetoric get ramped up to unprecedented levels. The supporters of the victor have been threatening on social media to riot and run rampant through the streets if their guy lost. The supporters of the other guy are already dropping some big hints of possible challenges to the legitimacy of the results, and I’m not naive enough to believe that voter fraud and rigged elections can never happen here. What worries me at the moment and what has me holding my breath is waiting and watching to see what kind of action comes next.

My personal belief is that either way the election could have gone, the globalists and the big international banking cartels are going to get their way. The trend has been building for decades to unite the international community under the flag of the UN as a way of paving the way for a global currency and what they like to call a level playing field in the international arena. As we are seeing in places like Greece and Spain and almost everywhere else, the masses just don’t seem to be taking to the whole idea. For some silly reason, those of us who aren’t part of the elite seem to think that we should have the right to guide our own futures instead of having them guided for us by the chosen few. And as we have seen in New York and New Jersey the past few days, when the emperor doesn’t provide bread and circuses fast enough things start getting ugly in a big hurry.

Then we have the whole “Nature Gone Wild!” thing going on. A Nor’easter is supposed to be on Sandy’s heels. Two moderate quakes in Utah of all places, another moderate quake in Ontario, Canada, a place that usually only sees one in a busy year but has seen three this year. Between the continuing aftershocks from the big BC quake and the rattling and shaking continuing in California, the pressures at either end of the Cascadia Subduction Zone keep changing while the middle of the Zone stays quiet – that’s not good news for my part of the world! And we haven’t even gotten to December yet, assuming that the Mayas weren’t clueless.

So, those of us who are slowly but surely getting ready for hard times will keep doing so, and those of us who keep forecasting impending doom will keep doing that as well. Time is getting shorter by the day, and the best of intentions will no more avert what is coming at us than will burying our collective heads in the sand. If you pray (and we all should), pray harder; if you don’t, it might be good idea to start. In the meantime, let’s all keep our heads and stay calm and not give the powers that be any more reason to crack down on us than they can already invent.

In the meantime, as Samuel L. Jackson said in Jurassic Park, “hold onto your butts!”


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