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Politics versus Faith

(Authors Note: I originally wrote this in 2013 after a contentious political season, but I believe strongly that this is a s true today as when I wrote it four years ago. We have a new President now, but the political landscape in America is just as polarized and divided as it was in 2013. Ok, it is more so. But spiritual truth never changes. Think on what I repost here and remember that our faith in Jesus Christ is far more important than our politics. Grace and peace to you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.)

A few weeks ago, prior to the last election in fact, I had made the statement in one of my posts that I tried to stay out of the thick of politics since it is at best a field of verbal combat for people with opposing views. I also stated that sometimes circumstances compelled me to cover that subject. With America becoming more and more politically charged and polarized I find that I need to speak once again; in fact, anyone who has been following my recent posts on facebook and other, more conservative social media, will have seen that I’ve been pretty vocal on the subject. However, I have found that my political bent has been, or rather should have been, tempered by my faith in God and Jesus Christ as my Savior, and so tonight I want to address the inherent conflict between politics and faith.

Those two areas, politics and one’s spiritual beliefs, are not necessarily mutually exclusive but instead should ideally function in a sort of symbiosis, a mental dance of two barely compatible partners. While one’s faith should never be subjugated to one’s political beliefs, a person’s politics should always act as an outward expression of their faith. Hence when Martin Luther nailed his famed theses on the doors of the Wurttemberg cathedral, his act of faith helped to define what was a largely political endeavor, which was the abatement of the Catholic Church’s political power in Europe. But like most religious forays into politics, the Reformation which he helped start became a temporal, political movement as evidenced by all of the back room dealing that occurred within the various factions of that day, and as shown by the wars of that time which were nominally fought in the name of religion but were executed in pretty much the same way that the wars over territory and resources were fought. I see the same forces at work today in the United States.

The present and future political confrontations here in America are being waged between those who believe in our Constitution and those who wish to subvert or even abolish it as an outdated document. On the one hand we have the largely conservative part of our population who are trying to defend the rights expressed in our Constitution, and on the other are those who hold the view that our Constitutional rights can be sacrificed in the name of social change or progress with the stated aim of improving the lives of all Americans. We therefore have large segments of the population who are diametrically opposed to each other, and the rhetoric hurled into each other’s faces has become very confrontational and even hateful.

Now, I am going to avoid the entire issue of the globalists’ dream of establishing a One World Government (or at least I will try to!) and arguments over suspected false flag attacks and other conspiratorial issues. My goal here is to examine how politics should be an extension of faith, not which side has the better arguments or the more conclusive proofs. These are all issues which have been covered many times by many people; anyone who wants to dig deeper into those areas is invited to go to or to the blog of a good friend who has done a considerable amount of research into these areas, which can be found at

I have found over the last three decades that there are those who adhere to Christianity in one form or another who occupy both ends of the political spectrum, and I’ve also noticed that which political stand they take is largely based on which view of the Christian faith they adhere to. Those who adhere to the beliefs of what is commonly called the Evangelical movement in Christianity are generally more conservative in their politics, while those who practice the more “liberal” form of Christianity tend to support the more “progressive” causes. In both cases their faith is being expressed through their politics, but this does not mean that all conservatives are conservative Christians or that all members of the “liberal” movement are liberal Christians; in both cases to assume such would a grave error. I know many strongly politically conservative people who are not Christians, and I doubt if there needs to be any clarification of how many of the “progressive” movement in America are Christians of any type. In both groups there are people who do not adhere to either branch of Christianity, and that, of course, is their right.

Ever since the early 1980s, here in America the more conservative Christians have become increasingly political, and that in itself is not a bad thing – I believe that we could use a lot more godliness in our political process. But this has led to a certain degree of confusion between conservative politics and conservative Christian faith, and this has sadly given rise to such acts as the murder of doctors who perform abortions, beatings and hate crimes against homosexuals and other crimes against “progressive” elements in our society. (Since I have probably just ticked off the anti-abortion movement and those who believe that homosexuality is an abomination, let me take a moment to assure you that I support neither abortion nor homosexuality!) If I remember correctly, when the Messiah walked among us 2,000 years ago He said we should love our enemies, not kill them off. Trying to coerce the population at large to conform to a certain set of Biblical standards when we live in a decidedly un-Biblical world is not only an effort doomed to fail, but one which always turns into at least as big a problem as what it tried to change. Proof of this lies in history (you knew I had to keep bringing history up!): the Spanish missionaries in the Americas with their convert or die methods, the Crusades and their bloody efforts to liberate Jerusalem from hordes of Muslims, the Puritan dictatorship in England under Cromwell with its violence against the people of the British Isles, the list goes on and on. The “Great Commission” that Christ gave us, wherein He sent us out to make believers of as many as would accept the faith as true, did not command us to conquer the world in His name; that is a task that only Christ can fulfill.

A brief lesson from history is in order, and then I promise that I will wrap this up. In the middle of the Second Century BC the conservative elements of society of Judea rebelled against their Seleucid masters and the Hellenization of Judaism and established a dynasty in Judea commonly called the Maccabees. In a nutshell, the conservative Jews saw their people turning away from the teachings of Moses and the Prophets and embracing the much more “progressive” elements of Greek society and influence (remember that the Seleucid Empire was established by one of the generals of Alexander the Great). The Maccabees decided that they needed to take matters into their own hands, and instead of waiting on God to establish the Kingdom they took it upon themselves to do so, and they succeeded up to a point for roughly a hundred years. Did they establish God’s kingdom in Judea? No, for they still suffered from corruption and many other familiar vices, and when the Roman general Pompey came along around 63 BC their kingdom fell and became a Roman province.

Ok Dave, what’s the bloody point you’re trying to make? It’s simply this: we can try to reshape our society into what we see as God’s image, but we will always fail because it will be by our efforts, not God’s. Am I saying that we shouldn’t stand up for our rights, that we should just lie down and accept the rise of a tyrannical dictatorship in America? Of course not, we should stand up for what we believe. Is it a fight that we will win? I’m afraid not. Not only has the majority of Americans been sleeping for far too long, but the forces of globalism have gained the upper hand; besides, it wasn’t prophesied that we would prevail, it was prophesied that the dictator would rise and have his day of power before Christ would return. But we still have a moral obligation to stand up and be counted. We still, as citizens, have an obligation to have our say, to speak out in favor of the Constitution that was given to us to prevent just such a dictator from taking over. But we should also pray, and turn back to our Lord, and look to him for our deliverance and not to our own efforts.

Let us all ensure that our political words and actions are extensions of our faith, and at the same time let us resist the tendency for our political endeavors to unwittingly reshape our faith.


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The Lights Are Going Out

Someone, I believe Winston Churchill, once famously said as he watched the bloody rise of Nazi Germany that “the lights are going out all over Europe”. I am going to borrow that phrase and say that the lights are going out all over America.

I’d always hoped that I’d never have to say those words about this country. Like so many other men and women I served this nation for four years while in the Navy, and I have always loved the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution that enable us to speak our minds about the events happening around us. For generations our country has stood out as the light of freedom, and many people around the world have either opted to join us or to reshape their own homelands to conform to the example of liberty that we have set. But those freedoms are under attack by forces that have hated our success and that have loathed our power, and those forces are gaining the upper hand as I write.

In the wake of the tragedies that have occurred, leaving a jumbled mass of discrepancies and unanswered questions in their wake, the forces of socialism are seizing the moment to unravel a part of what our forefathers have built by attacking the source of our freedoms, which is the American Constitution.  The Second Amendment to our Constitution, which was designed to ensure that Americans should never be disarmed in the face of tyranny, is about to go the way of the Prohibition Act and get thrown into the dustbin of history. And, as if this wasn’t bad enough, the amendment limiting the President to serving a maximum of two terms, is soon to follow. But why? Why are two seemingly unrelated parts of our Constitution under attack at the same time? I have an opinion…

Our freedoms are under attack today because there are elements of our society, and forces working behind the scenes, that are laboring to usher in what they consider a new era. Oh, it’s a new era alright. It is an era where we will be regimented and herded in whatever direction the nation’s leadership want us to be herded in. The global power elite, meaning the giant banking cartels that hold all of the purse strings, and the forces of socialism need to disarm the American people before they institute the sweeping changes that they have in mind. Japanese Admiral Yamamoto, the brilliant strategist who helped lead Japan’s war efforts in the 1940s, once said that he didn’t want to ever have to invade the United States because there would be “a rifle behind every blade of grass”, and he was right. For over two hundred years the American people have lived in relative safety from tyranny precisely because so many of us own firearms and are proficient at their use. Any foreign power that might wish to invade our territory would have to take that fact into account, but what about a domestic power? What if our own government decided to institute sweeping change against our will? That power would also have to account and plan for widespread armed resistance from not just our military, but our very population. Our military has been indoctrinated to support the government when actually the military oath is to “protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic”. But what to do about all of the Americans who are also armed? It’s simple – disarm them.

This should come as no surprise to anyone with even a passing familiarity with the history of the 20th Century. One of the key steps taken by every rising dictatorship was to disarm their own people in order to remove a threat to the ruling power. Hitler and Stalin both did it with horrifying results. The Cambodians did it before turning their troops loose on their people. There are so many examples to cite that space and time dissuade me from listing them all. The point is that once those citizens were disarmed the reigning government was able to implement its unholy plans to reshape their nation as they saw fit. That is happening here in America right now. The Obama administration and its allies are using the horrors of mass shootings as an excuse to disarm the very people that they are supposed to serve but which they are in fact planning to force to obey their will. Or, as former White House chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel put it, “never let a crisis go to waste”. How callous!

As for the pending attack on presidential term limits, I believe that there are two reasons. First, it would give the American Caesar the apparent legality to stay in office for as long as he could keep winning elections, no matter how nefariously. But second, and I believe that this is the primary reason, this attack is pending because it will trigger a Constitutional crisis that will be used as the pretext for declaring a national emergency and publicly using without restriction the sweeping powers that have been gathered into the hands of the President. Any modification to our Constitution or its Amendments would have to be ratified by the states before it became law, and with the current atmosphere of dissatisfaction with the Federal government that ratification would be hard to obtain. But if enough states stood firm and refused to ratify this change the dozing secessionist movements throughout America would suddenly become quite popular, and we saw 150 years ago what would happen next. A second American civil war would seem likely, and that would be all that the White House would need to declare an emergency and institute martial law.

So we stand at a pivotal moment in American history. What are we to do? Follow our consciences and do what is right. But could we win against this rising tyranny? No. We have slept too long and allowed to much to happen with very little comment and no decisive action. Besides, I believe that this has all been foreseen 2,000 plus years ago. The only way that we would stand a chance of stopping the rise of an American dictatorship would be through armed resistance, and it is precisely that which will give the White House the pretext that it needs to clamp down complete control over its subjects. The best that we could hope for would be to die or be incarcerated for staying true to our beliefs, which makes the whole question a very personal one. What can I do? Stay true to what I believe and hope for the Lord’s speedy return to overthrow the forces that have been allowed to govern our nation and our planet for far too long.

So I will stay true. I will speak out against the rise of tyranny until I am no longer able to. I will stand up for the truth no matter what it costs. That is what a person who believes in liberty would do, and I believe very strongly in liberty. I dread the years to come for I know what they mean, but to remain silent would be to support this foul dictatorship through omission.

And as I watch the lights go out all over America, I will be praying very hard. Only God can save us now.

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To All Veterans…

Lately, with all of the shootings going on, we’ve been hearing a lot in the news about veterans and the mentally ill being threats to everyone. While I have found the talk on the subject repugnant on several levels, I have also found it to be disconcerting in what it means for our future. Let’s take a quick look at why.

I’d first like to say that I find a lot of the hubbub concerning these shootings based on a lot of inconsistent reporting and manipulation of public opinion through the news media. There have been too many questions concerning reports of second shooters and such that have not only been ignored, but have been actively swept under the rug. The outcry against Americans owning guns has been whipped into a frenzy by the media and is being used to ram through legislation aiming at either changing or doing away with our 2nd Amendment, and this only serves the purposes of the UN and globalist aim to disarm the American public. “But we have a free and independent press in America!” If you really still believe that, then I feel sorry for you.

Much has been made of the “fact” that the shooters were all mentally ill. Maybe they were, but mentally ill people can very susceptible to suggestion. My first point is that not all mentally ill people are violent psychopaths just waiting to make headlines as the next mass murderer. Most mentally ill people are too crushed by their illness to take such action. Most mentally ill people would rather take violent action against themselves than against others. However, if all mentally ill people end up classified as would-be shooters, then naturally public outcry would demand that some kind of action be taken against them, such as mass incarceration or worse. Gee, that sounds an awful lot like the view held by many would be saviors of humanity that the deranged and infirm should be eliminated to better the human species, doesn’t it?

But it is the demonizing of all veterans that is the most disturbing to me. America’s veterans are the same people who have served our nation and defended our shores for generations, unlike many in the left who’s only involvement with the military has been to criticize it. When the Federal government declared that all veterans were potentially homegrown terrorists I cringed in revulsion at the very idea. Every one of us who served in the military took an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”, and for most of us that oath was not abrogated when we finished our time of service. This is why the vast majority of veterans are pretty conservative people. So why would our own Uncle Sam repudiate us and declare us threats to national security? Why indeed…

Nearly all of the veterans I know are gun owners for one reason or another. Those of us who do own weapons have retained our skill with them, which means that we know how to shoot and how to shoot well. Considering the oath we all took and our proficiency with firearms, that means that there is a very large block of American citizens who have sworn our loyalty to our Constitution and know how to shoot, and for many of us who served in combat we have experience and training at keeping our heads under fire. I know many vets who are calm, peaceful people who learned the hard way how to conduct themselves effectively while under fire.

Ah, now we are getting closer to why it seems to be one of the missions of our own government and the media to make us sound like a bunch of Al Qaeda moles just waiting for orders. When the Department of Homeland Security (aka the American Gestapo in my book) pronounced that all American veterans were potential terrorists they were firing the first shot in their campaign to isolate and negate us as a threat. But who are we a threat to? Not to our Constitution. Not to our fellow citizens; vets are notorious law-abiding citizens who do not hesitate to help our fellow Americans even at risk to ourselves. No, the only threat that we represent is to those who would destroy our rights under the Constitution and destroy from within the nation that we love and served. We are only a threat to those who would impose a dictatorship upon America, to those who would destroy our freedoms in the name of globalization. We are a threat to no one else.

What does history have to say about this? Plenty. In the turbulent days of the declining Roman Empire, one of the most vocal and potentially dangerous segments of society were the veterans, those men who had served in Rome’s legions, done their tours, and then lived long enough to become civilians again. Why were the Roman veterans a potential threat? Because they knew how to fight and how to keep cool in combat; because they had sworn oaths to defend Rome against all enemies. Many a Roman emperor and Senate had to rein in some of their less reputable activities because the veterans were dead set against them. In England under the Tudor and Stuart dynasties, when England had not yet begun maintaining a standing army, both the Crown and Parliament had to tread carefully at times lest they enrage the nation’s veterans, who knew how to use bow, spear and sword effectively and weren’t afraid to fight toe to toe with an enemy. When the Soviets disarmed most of their population during the first two decades of their rule, why did they do it? It was because there were millions of veterans of the First World War and the Civil War who knew how to shoot and survive in combat. When the Nazis disarmed the German people it was for the same reasons. In the last two cases these disarmaments were followed by martial law, repression of the citizenry, and eventually the murder of their own people in mind-staggering numbers.

So, in summation, we have forces at work in this country that seek to destroy our freedoms and disarm us as a way to bring us grudgingly into the globalist fold as a part of a one world government. The Feds have been buying ammunition in vast numbers and not military ammunition but the internationally proscribed hollow points that do the most damage. Why does the Social Security Administration need huge supplies of ammo? Why has the IRS begun maintaining their own SWAT teams complete with armored vehicles? In neither case is it for use against foreign enemies – it is for use against us. The globalist plan to usher in their New World Order has reached its end game, and the only thing that stands in their way are millions of Americans, many of them veterans, who know how to shoot and survive. That is what we are a threat to, my military brothers and sisters. We are the brick wall separating them from their goal, and they will not hesitate to knock us down.

So as we progress into the new year we all need to stay alert, to keep our eyes open. We veterans need to stay in touch with each other, for we are soon going to once again be compelled to stand up and serve our country. We may not be as young as we were when we served, we may not be as fit, and we may no longer wear the uniforms we once so proudly wore each day, but we still have our love of America the free and we still know how to bear arms effectively, even in the face of danger. Our oaths still bind us, and the day is coming when those oaths will once again sustain us. We are America’s last line of defense against those who would ruin this nation, and should we fall or fail the only thing remaining will be one way trips to American gulags and concentration camps.

To all of my brothers and sisters who served in the army: “Hooah!”

To all of my brothers and sisters who will always be Marines: “Semper fi!”

And to all of my brothers and sisters who served in the Navy and the Air Force (neither of which has a catchy battle cry!): stand strong and true.

‘Nuff said!

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The Cashless Society Draweth Nigh

Okay, I am going to preface this post with a brief advisory statement: this post will be rather religious in nature. If you do not wish to read something written from a pronounced Christian perspective, you may want to pass it by. However, if you seek the truth in all things as I do and want to read something that will, in the near future, affect every man, woman and child on this planet, read on. For when it comes it will truly affect everyone, whether they are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Wiccan, agnostic, pagan, atheist or simply have no spiritual position whatsoever.

This worldwide thing is the coming “Cashless Society”, perhaps better known (and certainly more colorfully named) as the Mark of the Beast. Still with me? Good, let’s get to it then…

This enigmatic Mark is described in one small portion of the Bible – Revelation 13:16-18. Let’s get the quote out of the way and we will then see why I believe that it is nearly here. The above mentioned verses read: “He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666.” Now in this quotation the person known as the beast is the Anti-Christ, the powerful dictator who will rise in the years just before the return of Christ; Scripture has a lot to say about him in various places in both the Old and the New Testament, and I do (naturally) have some opinions about who he will be, but I won’t digress.

Okay, so there is a 2,000 year old prophecy concerning some kind of mark that no one can perform any kind of financial transaction without – how does that apply today? Ah, my friends, that is exactly the subject at hand today!

As the world’s population has grown and what were once semi-isolated economies have become tightly interwoven there has been a movement to regulate and regiment humanity’s financial interactions. In the first half of the 20th Century when the United States government started issuing Social Security numbers and cards to all working Americans, there were many Christians who cried out that the government was instituting the Mark of the Beast. Nope, that was only a step in that direction. During WWII the Nazis tattooed numbers on the arms of virtually everyone sent to the concentration camps; I have had older friends who survived those horrors and I’ve seen the tattoos. Many of the Jews and Christians in the concentration camps said that those crude tattoos were the Mark of the Beast; they were certainly the mark of a beast, but those identifying tattoos had nothing to do with money and were only used as a means of identifying the prisoners. Later, when manufacturers starting using bar codes to identify and track items using scanners and the growing computer networks, many warned that the Mark was upon us. No again, although those vigilant souls were probably close to the truth. At the end of the 1990s, when RFID chips were first coming into use, a few people warned that the Mark was even closer to coming into existence, but by then most people were too absorbed in their entertainments and daily lives to pay much attention; after all, they weren’t putting the chips into people.

That, my friends, is about to change.

I recall reading back around the turn of the century that the U.S. military was experimenting with using RFID chips attached to materials as a means of making the military’s supply chain more efficient by being able to track everything from boxes of MREs to tanks. (Perhaps some of my military brothers and sisters who served at that time can shed further light on this; if you remember it, please let me know by comment or email!) No one seemed to notice. I have heard nothing else about it for at least ten years, but I suspect that the military’s efforts were neither in vain nor terminated. It was around this time that the use of RFID chips implanted by veterinarians on our pets became not only common but welcomed; if your pet got lost any animal shelter or vet’s office in the country could check for a chip, scan it, and find out instantly who that pet belonged to. Many people have been reunited with their pets using this system, which means that it was a good idea. However, that good idea has a dark side that most people don’t see.

Do you see the pattern that has been forming yet? In incremental steps the government, not only here in America but in other parts of the world, has been leading us towards the ultimate regimentation, using our own money as the incentive to go along with this plan. First they get us used to the idea of doing business with a personal number; just try doing anything even relatively important without your social security number. Then they slowly show us the benefits of an indelible, non-removable identifier – hey, that’s pretty cool! Then it comes down to where we cannot do anything with such an identifier…hmm, that sounds a little fishy, but if it works…

Two days ago I read an article on Yahoo news about the government in India starting a program of direct deposit of government issued funds – such as social security and unemployment payments – where the recipient is identified by either thumb prints or retinal scans. Last night the article was gone from Yahoo (not surprisngly!), so I tracked down another report on it that happened to be a very watered down version of what I had originally read. Here are the links to two articles that I did find: and Both articles are, as I said, quite watered down from the original Yahoo article. Basically, the government of India is trying a system of matching people to money through some form of biometric identity. Ok, Dave, but how is this ominous? It is ominous because it is yet another step toward the implementation of a cashless society, aka, the Mark of the Beast. By the way, I personally believe that the Indian government’s project will prove to be an abject failure, and there are two reasons why I believe that. First, a system of thumbprint and/or retinal scanners would be pretty expensive and unwieldy, especially in a nation such as India where there are literally millions of people without any form of legal identification and many places that don’t even have electricity. Second, it will fail because it is not the type of system that the Bible describes.

When the Mark comes out it will be either in the form of a system of RFID chips implanted on us just as they are in our pets, or a system of tattooed bar codes on our persons. The RFID system, which has made news recently when a school district in San Antonio, Texas, started using RFID chips to track its students, would still be expensive to implement but not impossible – all that would be needed are the chips themselves (seven-plus billion chips, one for every person on earth, would really be quite the enhancement of the manufacturer’s bottom line!) and the scanners. The only information that the chips would need to carry would be our personal identifying number. Nearly all computer systems from stores to banks are now interconnected, so the network would really only need the software to connect the chip to the system. (By the way, these same chips can also be used to track our every move in the same way that the chips in smart phones are used to track us!) The system of a tattooed mark, such as a bar code, would work in similar fashion except that it would be cheaper to implement – most places of business already have scanners – but would lack the tacking feature of the RFID system. My bet would be on the RFID system since it would provide the most control over us, but the tattoo system would still tie all of our financial transactions to the system and it would do in a pinch. All the technology necessary for either system already exists and is in use for other purposes; all that is needed to put this insidious plan into action is a crisis that can be used to force our acceptance. Whether it will be a financial crisis or a natural disaster of global significance is really irrelevant, but I believe it will happen due to a financial crisis – which we are facing daily and which will probably be manufactured.

I can hear the propaganda machine/marketers pitch now: “This will eliminate identity theft! This system will take the financial gain out of most robberies! You’ll never have to worry about losing your credit cards or driver’s license ever again!” The list of “benefits” goes on. Then why is this system deemed such a grievous, vile thing? Because it is dehumanizing in its concept. Because it is a means of gaining financial control over us to an unprecedented degree. Because the RFID system will provide the means to track our every move – everywhere we go. Because it will be a huge step toward abolishing the concept of privacy. And because Scripture says that it will be a way of surrendering our very lives to the service of a vile, ruthless dictator.

I don’t ask, in this day of conspiracy theories, that you believe or even accept what I’ve said today. All I can ask is that you pay attention, that you unplug from all of the distractions of modern life long enough to think this through. All I ask is that you keep this in mind and think hard before you go and cheerfully get chipped or tattooed, because once you do your fate will be sealed, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Peace and blessings to you all!


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