To All Veterans…

Lately, with all of the shootings going on, we’ve been hearing a lot in the news about veterans and the mentally ill being threats to everyone. While I have found the talk on the subject repugnant on several levels, I have also found it to be disconcerting in what it means for our future. Let’s take a quick look at why.

I’d first like to say that I find a lot of the hubbub concerning these shootings based on a lot of inconsistent reporting and manipulation of public opinion through the news media. There have been too many questions concerning reports of second shooters and such that have not only been ignored, but have been actively swept under the rug. The outcry against Americans owning guns has been whipped into a frenzy by the media and is being used to ram through legislation aiming at either changing or doing away with our 2nd Amendment, and this only serves the purposes of the UN and globalist aim to disarm the American public. “But we have a free and independent press in America!” If you really still believe that, then I feel sorry for you.

Much has been made of the “fact” that the shooters were all mentally ill. Maybe they were, but mentally ill people can very susceptible to suggestion. My first point is that not all mentally ill people are violent psychopaths just waiting to make headlines as the next mass murderer. Most mentally ill people are too crushed by their illness to take such action. Most mentally ill people would rather take violent action against themselves than against others. However, if all mentally ill people end up classified as would-be shooters, then naturally public outcry would demand that some kind of action be taken against them, such as mass incarceration or worse. Gee, that sounds an awful lot like the view held by many would be saviors of humanity that the deranged and infirm should be eliminated to better the human species, doesn’t it?

But it is the demonizing of all veterans that is the most disturbing to me. America’s veterans are the same people who have served our nation and defended our shores for generations, unlike many in the left who’s only involvement with the military has been to criticize it. When the Federal government declared that all veterans were potentially homegrown terrorists I cringed in revulsion at the very idea. Every one of us who served in the military took an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”, and for most of us that oath was not abrogated when we finished our time of service. This is why the vast majority of veterans are pretty conservative people. So why would our own Uncle Sam repudiate us and declare us threats to national security? Why indeed…

Nearly all of the veterans I know are gun owners for one reason or another. Those of us who do own weapons have retained our skill with them, which means that we know how to shoot and how to shoot well. Considering the oath we all took and our proficiency with firearms, that means that there is a very large block of American citizens who have sworn our loyalty to our Constitution and know how to shoot, and for many of us who served in combat we have experience and training at keeping our heads under fire. I know many vets who are calm, peaceful people who learned the hard way how to conduct themselves effectively while under fire.

Ah, now we are getting closer to why it seems to be one of the missions of our own government and the media to make us sound like a bunch of Al Qaeda moles just waiting for orders. When the Department of Homeland Security (aka the American Gestapo in my book) pronounced that all American veterans were potential terrorists they were firing the first shot in their campaign to isolate and negate us as a threat. But who are we a threat to? Not to our Constitution. Not to our fellow citizens; vets are notorious law-abiding citizens who do not hesitate to help our fellow Americans even at risk to ourselves. No, the only threat that we represent is to those who would destroy our rights under the Constitution and destroy from within the nation that we love and served. We are only a threat to those who would impose a dictatorship upon America, to those who would destroy our freedoms in the name of globalization. We are a threat to no one else.

What does history have to say about this? Plenty. In the turbulent days of the declining Roman Empire, one of the most vocal and potentially dangerous segments of society were the veterans, those men who had served in Rome’s legions, done their tours, and then lived long enough to become civilians again. Why were the Roman veterans a potential threat? Because they knew how to fight and how to keep cool in combat; because they had sworn oaths to defend Rome against all enemies. Many a Roman emperor and Senate had to rein in some of their less reputable activities because the veterans were dead set against them. In England under the Tudor and Stuart dynasties, when England had not yet begun maintaining a standing army, both the Crown and Parliament had to tread carefully at times lest they enrage the nation’s veterans, who knew how to use bow, spear and sword effectively and weren’t afraid to fight toe to toe with an enemy. When the Soviets disarmed most of their population during the first two decades of their rule, why did they do it? It was because there were millions of veterans of the First World War and the Civil War who knew how to shoot and survive in combat. When the Nazis disarmed the German people it was for the same reasons. In the last two cases these disarmaments were followed by martial law, repression of the citizenry, and eventually the murder of their own people in mind-staggering numbers.

So, in summation, we have forces at work in this country that seek to destroy our freedoms and disarm us as a way to bring us grudgingly into the globalist fold as a part of a one world government. The Feds have been buying ammunition in vast numbers and not military ammunition but the internationally proscribed hollow points that do the most damage. Why does the Social Security Administration need huge supplies of ammo? Why has the IRS begun maintaining their own SWAT teams complete with armored vehicles? In neither case is it for use against foreign enemies – it is for use against us. The globalist plan to usher in their New World Order has reached its end game, and the only thing that stands in their way are millions of Americans, many of them veterans, who know how to shoot and survive. That is what we are a threat to, my military brothers and sisters. We are the brick wall separating them from their goal, and they will not hesitate to knock us down.

So as we progress into the new year we all need to stay alert, to keep our eyes open. We veterans need to stay in touch with each other, for we are soon going to once again be compelled to stand up and serve our country. We may not be as young as we were when we served, we may not be as fit, and we may no longer wear the uniforms we once so proudly wore each day, but we still have our love of America the free and we still know how to bear arms effectively, even in the face of danger. Our oaths still bind us, and the day is coming when those oaths will once again sustain us. We are America’s last line of defense against those who would ruin this nation, and should we fall or fail the only thing remaining will be one way trips to American gulags and concentration camps.

To all of my brothers and sisters who served in the army: “Hooah!”

To all of my brothers and sisters who will always be Marines: “Semper fi!”

And to all of my brothers and sisters who served in the Navy and the Air Force (neither of which has a catchy battle cry!): stand strong and true.

‘Nuff said!


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