The Lights Are Going Out

Someone, I believe Winston Churchill, once famously said as he watched the bloody rise of Nazi Germany that “the lights are going out all over Europe”. I am going to borrow that phrase and say that the lights are going out all over America.

I’d always hoped that I’d never have to say those words about this country. Like so many other men and women I served this nation for four years while in the Navy, and I have always loved the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution that enable us to speak our minds about the events happening around us. For generations our country has stood out as the light of freedom, and many people around the world have either opted to join us or to reshape their own homelands to conform to the example of liberty that we have set. But those freedoms are under attack by forces that have hated our success and that have loathed our power, and those forces are gaining the upper hand as I write.

In the wake of the tragedies that have occurred, leaving a jumbled mass of discrepancies and unanswered questions in their wake, the forces of socialism are seizing the moment to unravel a part of what our forefathers have built by attacking the source of our freedoms, which is the American Constitution.  The Second Amendment to our Constitution, which was designed to ensure that Americans should never be disarmed in the face of tyranny, is about to go the way of the Prohibition Act and get thrown into the dustbin of history. And, as if this wasn’t bad enough, the amendment limiting the President to serving a maximum of two terms, is soon to follow. But why? Why are two seemingly unrelated parts of our Constitution under attack at the same time? I have an opinion…

Our freedoms are under attack today because there are elements of our society, and forces working behind the scenes, that are laboring to usher in what they consider a new era. Oh, it’s a new era alright. It is an era where we will be regimented and herded in whatever direction the nation’s leadership want us to be herded in. The global power elite, meaning the giant banking cartels that hold all of the purse strings, and the forces of socialism need to disarm the American people before they institute the sweeping changes that they have in mind. Japanese Admiral Yamamoto, the brilliant strategist who helped lead Japan’s war efforts in the 1940s, once said that he didn’t want to ever have to invade the United States because there would be “a rifle behind every blade of grass”, and he was right. For over two hundred years the American people have lived in relative safety from tyranny precisely because so many of us own firearms and are proficient at their use. Any foreign power that might wish to invade our territory would have to take that fact into account, but what about a domestic power? What if our own government decided to institute sweeping change against our will? That power would also have to account and plan for widespread armed resistance from not just our military, but our very population. Our military has been indoctrinated to support the government when actually the military oath is to “protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic”. But what to do about all of the Americans who are also armed? It’s simple – disarm them.

This should come as no surprise to anyone with even a passing familiarity with the history of the 20th Century. One of the key steps taken by every rising dictatorship was to disarm their own people in order to remove a threat to the ruling power. Hitler and Stalin both did it with horrifying results. The Cambodians did it before turning their troops loose on their people. There are so many examples to cite that space and time dissuade me from listing them all. The point is that once those citizens were disarmed the reigning government was able to implement its unholy plans to reshape their nation as they saw fit. That is happening here in America right now. The Obama administration and its allies are using the horrors of mass shootings as an excuse to disarm the very people that they are supposed to serve but which they are in fact planning to force to obey their will. Or, as former White House chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel put it, “never let a crisis go to waste”. How callous!

As for the pending attack on presidential term limits, I believe that there are two reasons. First, it would give the American Caesar the apparent legality to stay in office for as long as he could keep winning elections, no matter how nefariously. But second, and I believe that this is the primary reason, this attack is pending because it will trigger a Constitutional crisis that will be used as the pretext for declaring a national emergency and publicly using without restriction the sweeping powers that have been gathered into the hands of the President. Any modification to our Constitution or its Amendments would have to be ratified by the states before it became law, and with the current atmosphere of dissatisfaction with the Federal government that ratification would be hard to obtain. But if enough states stood firm and refused to ratify this change the dozing secessionist movements throughout America would suddenly become quite popular, and we saw 150 years ago what would happen next. A second American civil war would seem likely, and that would be all that the White House would need to declare an emergency and institute martial law.

So we stand at a pivotal moment in American history. What are we to do? Follow our consciences and do what is right. But could we win against this rising tyranny? No. We have slept too long and allowed to much to happen with very little comment and no decisive action. Besides, I believe that this has all been foreseen 2,000 plus years ago. The only way that we would stand a chance of stopping the rise of an American dictatorship would be through armed resistance, and it is precisely that which will give the White House the pretext that it needs to clamp down complete control over its subjects. The best that we could hope for would be to die or be incarcerated for staying true to our beliefs, which makes the whole question a very personal one. What can I do? Stay true to what I believe and hope for the Lord’s speedy return to overthrow the forces that have been allowed to govern our nation and our planet for far too long.

So I will stay true. I will speak out against the rise of tyranny until I am no longer able to. I will stand up for the truth no matter what it costs. That is what a person who believes in liberty would do, and I believe very strongly in liberty. I dread the years to come for I know what they mean, but to remain silent would be to support this foul dictatorship through omission.

And as I watch the lights go out all over America, I will be praying very hard. Only God can save us now.


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