Meteor Falls in Russia

Okay, folks, I don’t usually post news articles here since there are so many people who do it better than I could, but I couldn’t resist this story. During the early morning hours, just past sunrise, a meteor of undetermined size fell to earth near Chelyabinsk, Russia. When it hit it caused an explosion powerful enough to knock out windows and set off car alarms. Apparently it fell into the wilderness, and as of this writing there are no reports of injuries. Here for your viewing is the link to the video, which hit youtube about an hour ago:

Still think that it can’t happen? It may not have been asteroid 2012 DA14, which is to to pass (or not) in just a few hours, but this could very well have been a piece that has been following that asteroid in its orbit around the sun. We’ll know in a few hours of the coast is clear or not…


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