The Beast is Rising

“From Genesis to Revelation, the story now unfolds…

666 and the Beast is arising

love is the answer but love grows cold…”


from the song “Original Man” by King Swamp, copyright 1989 by Virgin Records.


I will start today’s post with that quote from a really good song by one of the best unknown bands that I’ve ever heard simply because at this time, in 2013, we are watching prophecy come true on an almost daily basis, and they are prophecies that bode ill for humanity. Yes, I am referring to all of the Biblical prophecies regarding the Anti-Christ, the Beast of Revelation, the vile global dictator that Christians have been dreading for 2,000 years. It is true that people have mistakenly believed that others throughout history were the Beast, based primarily on how they behaved, people like Nero, several popes, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler and even Saddam Hussein, but none of those people fit the right combinations of global events and personal heinousness. But today we are seeing the rise of that very dictator in the midst of the right combination of global events, and I am 100% convinced that this current attempt at installing the Beast is the one spoken of in Revelation.

I say attempt to install deliberately because I believe that Satan has been trying to get his boy installed into power since shortly after the time of Christ, and Satan is nothing if not persistent. I believe that Nero was an attempt to install the Beast, and possibly also Charlemagne (if you read about Charlemagne in any depth you will see that he was not the benign, wise ruler history paints him as but was instead a ruthless king who crushed any opposition to his efforts). I also believe that Napoleon and Hitler were both attempts to install the Beast precisely because their behaviors were what was written about the Beast by prophets such as Daniel, Ezekiel and John the Apostle; besides, in those cases along with Nero and Charlemagne they were the rulers of the most powerful military empires of their day. remember that statement and thought, for I will come back to it shortly.

In keeping with my policy of not burdening my readers with endless references to the Scriptures I will limit my references to the following books and chapters, which I encourage you to read objectively to see if old Dave knows what he is talking about. The references are Daniel 11 and Revelation 13 – take a few moments to read them and absorb what they are saying before we look at what to watch for regarding the identity of the Beast.

This evil dictator’s primary attributes are pride and haughtiness, a disregard for what is honest and godly and an elevation of himself above all that is holy and true. He is a liar, a thief and a usurper. He does not deal honestly with anyone, especially the people under him. He is filled with vanity and blind ambition, deceit and a lack of common decency. He elevates himself over everyone and everything. In short, he acts just like the worst of the Caesars, like Napoleon, like Hitler. He is a totalitarian and an authoritarian who believes that it is his destiny to rule with an iron fist and that he has the right to crush any and all opposition. He is a complete bastard and the worst dictator the world has ever produced.

What are some of the actions he will take that can be used to identify him? That’s pretty apparent from reading the Scriptures. He will usurp power. He will force Israel to sign a seven-year treaty that he has no intention of keeping. He will cause the world to worship him as the new messiah. He will cause the conditions that will get the whole world, or at least the greater part of it, to accept the globalists’ dream of a universal ID that will be needed to conduct even the simplest financial transactions. He will wage war on the saints, meaning the Christians who dare to defy his dictatorship. And in the end he will invade Israel with his evil heart set on that nation’s destruction.

As an interesting sidenote, a few months ago I wrote a post wherein I referenced the Beast, and on that post I received the interesting comment that the Beast would be the looked for 12th Mahdi of Islam. At the time I didn’t put much credibility into that theory but I did promise the writer of the comment that I would look into it further and think it over. Long story short, I have done exactly that and as a result I have come to agreement with my wise reader. If you think about it this makes perfect sense since it will bring the world’s 1.5 plus Muslims into line with the Beast’s reign, and who better to help him wage war against the saints than the very religion that has zero tolerance for infidels of any other faith, but are also especially antagonistic toward Christians. Which means that this vile leader will have to be a Muslim himself since the Muslims would never accept an infidel as the 12th Mahdi. So that is another attribute that we can watch for. This also makes a lot of sense when viewed in light of the pending “reconciliation” of Islam with apostate Christianity, which doesn’t believe in the immutable truths of the Bible; this very “ecumenicalism” will eventually encompass Islam, apostate Christianity, polytheistic Hinduism and Buddhism, which doesn’t believe in a personal God as we know it. All of the anti-Christian faiths will be joined under the Beast’s banner in the name of mutual respect and acceptance, so we now have another action he will take to watch for.

One last thing to note before I go on to name this Beast is the fact that all previous attempts to install Satan’s chosen minion have taken place in the leading military powers of their time. Ancient Rome, the Frankish empire, post-revolutionary France and 1930s Germany were all either the leading military force of their day or became so under the rule of their despotic dictators. I have believed for many years that this will be another hallmark of the Beast’s rise to power. There have been many theories expounded over the last few decades that this dictator or that dictator was the Anti-Christ, but all of them failed to take into account the actual military power of the realm in question; the latest one that I have heard is the one that states that popinjay Ahmadinejad in Iran will be the Beast, but outside of its own little sphere of existence Iran is at best a third-rate military power and should therefore be excluded from consideration. What nation does that leave us then? Well, what nation is to this day the most powerful nation on the earth? That’s right, America, and I have believed for years that the Beast would prove to be an American President.

And so now I have tipped my hand regarding the identity of the Beast…that’s right, he is none other than the president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

Now I can imagine that right there I will have lost many of you for one reason or another. Maybe those of you who will leave at this point are fans of Obama – I will pray for you because you are already falling under the spell of the Beast. Maybe some of you find it impossible to believe that America could ever produce such a vile, evil dictator – the Germans thought the same about Germany right up until 1932. My hope and my prayer is that you will at least finish reading this post, and then if you wish to excoriate me in the comments feel free. But the Beast will be an American President no matter which President he will be. So, assuming you are still with me, let’s look at some of the facts surrounding this particular President and see if my argument will hold water – and please hold yours until I am through.

Obama is a Muslim who has shown an utter disregard for true Christian faith, to the point where he has even masqueraded as a Christian in order to get elected. He usurped power – enough doubt over his actual legality as a presidential contender, let alone a president, has been established to surpass the “beyond a reasonable doubt” clause. He has elevated himself above everyone and everything, taking no responsibility for failings and taking credit where it is not due him. He has lied and cheated and deceived the American people. He is haughty and filled with pride. He is on his way to Israel within days to discuss the Middle East peace process. He and his administration have been trampling on the U.S. Constitution for over four years now and it is getting worse; under Barack Hussein Obama America is being transformed into a police state such as the world hasn’t seen since Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. There are things that he hasn’t done yet to qualify him as the Beast. He hasn’t forced Israel to accept a deceitful treaty – yet. He hasn’t declared war on the saints – yet – but his administration has set the tone for it by cozying up to the Muslim Brotherhood and by standing against Christian values and beliefs. He hasn’t caused the implementation of the Mark of the Beast – yet – but with the quickening moves toward the establishment of such a system and with the economic destruction he is causing we are well on our way down that path. And he hasn’t been declared the messiah – yet – but when a national news magazine runs a cover story calling him the “New Messiah”, how much longer will it be before he fulfills that prophecy as well?

When did I first suspect that he would be the long-dreaded Beast of Revelation? When he made that famous appearance in Berlin during the 2008 campaign. As I watched the outpouring of adulation and transcendent joy that the Germans greeted him with I was reminded of Adolf Hitler, and frankly the alarms started sounding in my head. Since then I have watched him and prayed that I was wrong, and since then I have found absolutely nothing to discredit the idea that he would be the Beast.

There…I have done it, I have gone on the record with the identity of the Beast. I may have just made myself a marked man, but the truth must be said no matter what the cost. I sincerely hope that I am wrong about him, but I know that I am not; too many prophecies concerning the Beast are being fulfilled in the person of Barack Hussein Obama to believe otherwise.

May God have mercy on us all…

One final note before I go, and this goes out to all of you who may be thinking of calumnies to hurl at me in the comments section – prove me wrong. Don’t just hurl insults or blind denials at me – prove me wrong. I beg of you, prove me wrong…I don’t think that anyone will be able to.

Peace and blessings to you all, my friends.



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7 responses to “The Beast is Rising

  1. johnreyn

    I’d love to “prove you wrong” but I can’t. …

    It’s Monday evening, March 18, 2013, in Moscow Russia. The “story” about Cyprus is being reported differantly on the T.V. news here than on Yahoo News American style. In Moscow they see this as a “hit” on the mega-rich Russians. They are in general not happy [my 84 year-old Full-bird retired father-in-law excluded] about this event, and I don’t know about you David, but I’d guess that “poking around” in a bear-den in the Mountains there would be something most would avoid, especially at this time of the year! Anyway, a week from now we’ll have a better idea of how this plays out; the Japanese yen is higher this morning – – last I heard was that the Japanese yen “is a bug looking for a windshield.” – – I smell a set-up!

    And where in the world will our great-leader be this week? You wrote about that above – can’t wait for Friday – 3/22 a.k.a March 22 – just ask G.W. and John Kerry about the value of 322. And just who is Kerry working for now – oh yeah – see your words above.


    • Hi John…I’ve been reading about the situation in Cyprus, and it sounds to me like the globalists have picked their spot to attempt to crash the markets…spark a financial meltdown by picking on a small place with a small population. 322 is a significant number to them, isn’t it? I’m sure that it is no coincidence that Caesar chose that date to visit Israel. Thanks for checking in and I hope things are going well in Moskva. Peace and blessings to you, my friend.

  2. johnreyn

    Oh, you know some Russian I see;~)

    I think you just nailed that one my friend. A “financial meltdown” is with no question on the agenda of the powers-that-be. I have been watching and waiting to see who would lead this “domino chain” to fall down around the globe. Honestly, I have thought it would be Japan, but it now looks like the E.U. is taking-the-lead. … Anyway, what a better time than this coming weekend for Obama to be “visiting” Isreal with the stated intention being to “just keep the lid on things”; yeah right!

    What is the next item behind the curtain I ponder – won’t need to wait long for that answer I seriously feel. …

    Things are going well over here in Moskva. Many do not like Putin, but in my opinion he is the right man for for Russia. Stalin is said by many to have been a good leader as well, but I do take issue with that statement! Point being that this country needs a leader with “strong arms” to keep in together. The shops are full, anyone wanting to work works, heat and ALL to keep this privatly owned flat paid in full runs about $80.00 a month [no typo there on the 80.00].

    What a time to be alive, uh?

    • Yes, I agree that the EU seems to be taking the lead…it’s as if they are in a race with America to see who can crash their economy first! Incidentally, I agree with you regarding Putin. I had been undecided about him for quite a while given his past employment, haha, but he is a strong leader and Russia has shown that they need someone strong running the show. Plus he has made a number of statements lately that have brought his credibility rating up considerably with me…it’s ironic to me that I would find more things said by the Russian government to be truthful than the things said by the American government. And $80.00 a month? That’s amazing!

  3. johnreyn

    Cyprus –

    I forgot to mention that I wintered the season of 2002 through 2003 in Pafos. I rented a 3 bedroom with 2 fire-places from a family that ran a restraunt & bar at the “end of the road” heading west. They also had greenhouses & gardens. Great place!!! Anyway, in February as I recall, hunting season opened. The crowd started arriving at around 3:00AM. Sure, they only had shotguns to bird hunt with, and that is all that they had as far as “anyone else” was concerned. However, I had an “inside track.” These folks had rifles unspoken of.

    This is a well armed island nation. The U.N. kept the north & south apart for the record, but these boys wanted nothing less than an all-out with the Turk’s!

    Yep, this just might be “the straw” that starts the barn-a-burning.

    You wrote a good post David – you are well-read with gray matter between the ears my friend. The cards were dealt some time ago, and not it looks like it’s time to show the hands – this could get really ugly really fast –

    God Bless & keep warm –

    • Thanks on all counts, my friend. I remember the civil war in the 70s and have always felt that the peace imposed on Cyprus was very fragile at best. This will be very interesting to watch, to say the very least.

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