Happy Easter

Here we are at another Easter, another celebration of the Resurrection of the Christ. There has been a lot said and written about this holiday, both pro and con. The detractors of Easter latch onto the fact that Easter was a replacement for the old pagan spring celebrations, as evidenced by the preoccupation with bunnies and eggs and candy, and up to a point they are right. Centuries ago the Roman Catholic church started celebrating Easter as a way to entice would-be pagans into the churches. The whole obsession with Easter eggs and bunnies has been a late blooming phenomena, but it has served its purpose as a distraction from the intended purpose of the day, which is meant to be a celebration of the greatest miracle of all time, the resurrection.

So today is really the celebration of the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and that is what is imortant. The Resurrection occured as the sign that Christ was truly the Messiah. Without the Resurrection our faith is just a vain hope, but God resurrected Christ as proof that our faith is not misplaced. Christ lives as the living proof of God’s salvation. That is the purpose of the Resurrection, and that is what Easter is supposed to be about.

So on this Easter don’t get distracted by the bunnies and eggs and candy and arguments against Easter. Instead focus on the Resurrection and the great hope that it gives us, for without it our hope is in vain.

Have a happy Easter everyone.


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