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Feeling Helpless These Days? REJOICE!!

Short Little Rebel

helpless2I was just praying for healing over a friend and was contemplating how even our cells must fall under the power of the name of Christ. Jesus was not a liar. All his promises are true. He told us that we could do all he could do- and more- because of the Holy Spirit he was sending us. Everything must obey the name of Jesus. Everything. And then it occurred to me that the entire world must also come into order upon the command of Christ. In fact, the entire world is already coming into order according to the commands of God. It is spinning and moving exactly according to God’s plan from the very beginning. I suddenly realized that this is truly something to rejoice about- even with all the chaos and evil, we should rejoice because everything is under God’s commands! A great light shimmered through the darkness…

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