Bio: Inquisitive, open minded, not nearly as serious as I look, and passionate about the endless sources of wonder in this world. Devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ and His family of disciples. Teaching Biblical truth in a spirit of love and humility.

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  1. Aha! It seems that WordPress at least wants to know more about me, so even if you don’t, dear reader, here we go.

    As you can tell by my photo (taken around November of 2010), I’m getting a bit long in the tooth – let’s call it mid-fifties. I live in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, on the coast, in fact, and there is no where else on this planet that I’d rather live. I spend my time reading, trying to write, trying even harder to play the guitar, playing with the dogs and trying to keep my lady happy. I like nothing better than to walk on the beach, sometimes just sitting on a log and absorbing the raw beauty and power of the Pacific – I do a lot of quality thinking when I’m on the beach.

    I suppose that a bit about personal philosophy is in order, and as strongly as I believe that a person’s philosophy is his or her own business, since I am entering the public domain with some of my opinions and ideas then a few words are required. I believe that we live in a world filled with endless wonder that most of us never see. I believe very strongly that that famed carpenter from Nazareth is exactly who He said He was, namely the Messiah sent to save us from ourselves, but I have a very low regard for the religion of Christianity that we have built upon the simple truths that He taught us. (On my facebook page I list myself as “heretic” because that’s what most churches would call me.) I’m pretty comfortable being outside of the mainstream, because I can then see things through my eyes and not someone else’s. I believe strongly that the paranormal surrounds us every day, but I don’t believe in everything that is claimed to be paranormal is. I’ve become less and less political (I’ll have to write sometime about the numerous ideologies that I’ve adhered to over the years) but I reserve the right to speak my mind when I get the urge; these days I’m more interested in international relations than anything else.

    Let’s see, what else do you need to know… I’m of Scots/German extraction, so I count myself among the ranks of Scots patriots moving inexorably toward independence from Britain. I served four years in the US Navy back in the late 70s when the morale of the American military was still largely in the toilet after Vietnam; two years of my enlistment were spent chasing Soviet subs all over the Pacific while stationed aboard a Navy frigate. I’m a rocker through and through, no particular era. I remember when the Beatles first came out and have liked something from every generation since, but I must admit to being fond of progressive rock from the 70s to the present (especially Marillion). I’ve read a variety of things from the classic Greeks and before right on down to Tolkien and modern fantasy (isn’t Terry Pratchett a scream?). Oh yeah, and I’m a big video gamer ever since Asteroids came out during the Middle Ages.

    So I suppose that’s about all that you need to know, and probably a lot that you didn’t. So… Enough about me. Let’s talk about weird stuff, and maybe I’ll be honored enough to learn something about you. “Once more unto the breach”…and all that!

  2. What a lovely and telling bio Mr. Greybeard 🙂
    I too am more often called a heretic for my understanding of the bible. I am an avid researcher of the word and other esoteric texts. I love history, politics / social science, and understanding the art of propaganda and systems. I’m glad you visited my blog so I could sojourn a while on yours! I wish you and your lovely lady much love and happiness!

    • davidgreybeard

      Thank you on all counts! There is very little that doesn’t interest me and I’ve been known to read almost anything, even if it is just to learn the opposing views to my own. I like your group of interests and look forward to hearing from you again.

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