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Merry Christmas 2015

Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged back in…

It’s been a whole year and a half since my last post and a lot has happened, both to me personally and in the world at large. For those of my readers who have been following me this whole time, I apologize for the long hiatus in my writing and I thank you for your patience. For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time, please bear with me for a minute while I catch up…

In the world at large so much has been happening since I last wrote that I hardly know where to begin. Since my last post we’ve seen the rise of ISIS to global prominence as the world’s leading terror organization and have seen their influence extend well beyond the Middle East. ISIS-inspired terror attacks have been perpetrated by radicalized Muslims throughout the world, including America, and civilization as we know it in the West has been shaken to its very foundations. We’ve seen the Syrian civil war (as esteemed megalomaniac Axl Rose once sang, “what’s so civil about war anyway” – he may have borrowed that line from elsewhere) continue and now the U.S. and Russia have both been dragged into it on opposing sides, rather reminiscent of the proxy wars of the Cold War period. China has been aggressively claiming the entire South China Sea and its islands, which are also claimed by nations such as the Philippines and Vietnam, and the Red Chinese have been busily turning isolated reefs into small islands capable of supporting military operations. The Earth has inched ever closer to the spectre of World War III with the three major powers – America, Russia and China – all working against each other while the world looks on with held breath. Our world is rapidly sinking into chaos and madness and no one, especially Barack Hussein Obama, seems to know what to do about it or even acts like they care. If ever we were in the Last Days of this age it is now.

Personally, the last year and a half have seen me go through a lot of personal turmoil, which is primarily why this blog has been so silent. Many things have happened around me which has left me out of balance and scrambling for some sort of stability. I received yet another “no” from Social Security concerning my disability case, when sent me into a tailspin. I endured romantic disaster which left me despondent and deeply depressed; at one point my psychiatrist was even considering electroshock therapy as a way of pulling me out of it. And then things finally started turning around in June of this year when my eldest daughter got in touch with me, followed in short order by my eldest son, and the depression began to lift. I finally admitted to myself that I had an excellent romance with a sweet Christian lady who I had loved for over a year and began focusing my attentions on her. And most importantly, I finally got back on track spiritually by slowly becoming an active and committed follower of God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Life isn’t perfect – when is it ever – but it’s a lot better than it was in June of 2014 when I last wrote a post for this blog.

So I will once again become active in my writing after a long break. I will try to be diligent about writing on a regular basis but I make no promises until I get back in the habit of writing. I will alter the focus of this blog from politics and the esoteric to a more spiritual approach, which still leaves room for a lot of weirdness since reality is so very different from what most of us believe, even Christians. So please just bear with me while I get my writer’s feet back under me and get my happy butt back to work.

In the meantime let’s not forget the reason for the Christmas season, which is that roughly 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem the Savior of all humanity was born, Jesus Christ. The exact date is unimportant as are the traditions that have grown over the last 20 centuries and even the origins of the date of December 25th as the day when we celebrate the birth of the Messiah. What really matters is that the Son of God was born into this world to pay the price for all our sins and to be the sacrifice through which we might obtain Salvation. I will not make apologies if this belief offends anyone for God is greatly offended by our sins. Thankfully He is a merciful and loving God who cared enough to submit His only Son to the horrors of crucifixion and death.

So love each other this blessed Christmas season and try not to focus on the material aspect of the holiday. Instead focus on all those who love you, your friends, your family, and your loving Father in heaven.

Peace and blessings be with you all.

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All Have Sinned

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”.

When Paul wrote those words in the letter to the Romans (3:23) he stated a simple universal truth – everyone has sinned and failed to live up to the Law of God. Everyone has committed some sin, some more than others, but no one is exempt from committing at least one sin against the teachings of God. It only takes one sin to fall under God’s judgement; remember the story of Adam and Eve and the one sin that got them expelled from the Garden of Eden. No one mortal can achieve perfection, the perfection that comes from living a sinless life. Only one person in all of history has ever achieved that, namely Jesus of Nazareth, and He ended up getting nailed to a cross.

But don’t we stop sinning when we come to faith in the Christ? Doesn’t our faith help us to eliminate sin in our lives? No, it doesn’t. Even after we come to faith we will still sin against God. In the letter to the Phillipians (3:12) Paul clearly states that he has not yet achieved perfection, meaning a sinless state. That means that he still had to struggle against his sinful nature everyday; he still committed sins. And this was one of the apostles!

So what can we do? Repent and confess our sins to the Lord that we may be forgiven through our faith in Christ Jesus. Repentance is such a huge part of the Christian life, and I look askance at anyone or any church that does not teach or practice repentance. Repentance is simply remorse for our wrongs and a desire to stop doing them. Paul still had things in his life that he had to practice repentance for. I still have sins in my life that I have to practice repentance for and struggle to stop doing. Everyone does, no one is exempt. I talked about repentance in an earlier blog regarding sin, entitled “Resisting Evil”. Repentance is essential, but unless a person recognizes that they still have things to repent of they are running a grave risk of not using their faith to follow Jesus fully.

So if anyone, Christian or non-believer, claims that they are living a sinless life and have nothing to repent and seek forgiveness for, remember Romans 3:23 and remind them of it. For their belief that they are living a sinless life is wrong and sooner or later they will pay a price for that delusion. As for us, continually practice repentance, seek our Lord’s forgiveness, and continue to resist sin, for otherwise we are letting God and ourselves down.

Remember, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

May peace and blessings be with you.

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Happy Easter

Here we are at another Easter, another celebration of the Resurrection of the Christ. There has been a lot said and written about this holiday, both pro and con. The detractors of Easter latch onto the fact that Easter was a replacement for the old pagan spring celebrations, as evidenced by the preoccupation with bunnies and eggs and candy, and up to a point they are right. Centuries ago the Roman Catholic church started celebrating Easter as a way to entice would-be pagans into the churches. The whole obsession with Easter eggs and bunnies has been a late blooming phenomena, but it has served its purpose as a distraction from the intended purpose of the day, which is meant to be a celebration of the greatest miracle of all time, the resurrection.

So today is really the celebration of the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and that is what is imortant. The Resurrection occured as the sign that Christ was truly the Messiah. Without the Resurrection our faith is just a vain hope, but God resurrected Christ as proof that our faith is not misplaced. Christ lives as the living proof of God’s salvation. That is the purpose of the Resurrection, and that is what Easter is supposed to be about.

So on this Easter don’t get distracted by the bunnies and eggs and candy and arguments against Easter. Instead focus on the Resurrection and the great hope that it gives us, for without it our hope is in vain.

Have a happy Easter everyone.

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Resisting Evil

A shadow is falling upon our world. A tide of evil threatens to engulf us all and it is rising nearly unchecked. Soon it will have engulfed us and we will be left surrounded by its horrors.

It sounds like a scene from a fantasy movie but it is not. What I described above is an accurate description of what is happening in the world today, and to not see it as such is to be in potentially fatal denial. Murder, rape, brutality, torture, perversions, lying and a plethora of other wrongs are now not just limited to individuals but are becoming hallmarks of governments, societies and cultures. Just as in the days of Noah, our world is increasingly being immersed in every sin imaginable to humanity, and let me tell you, humanity has one hell of an imagination.

So what do we do about it? Can we do anything about it anymore? Of course there’s something we can do.

We can resist.

We can and should stand up to this rising tide of darkness. I’m not talking about armed rebellion here, for that inevitably strays into the area of evil through bloodshed. I’m talking about each and every one of us standing up and letting our voices be heard as we cry out against the evils that threaten our world. I’m talking about each and every one one of us resisting the urges of evil that well up inside up all of us. In The Lord of the Rings Gandalf tells Frodo that great deeds are accomplished not by heroes, but by average people each doing their part. That is the kind of resistance I am talking about.

Each of us should start by resisting the tendency to do the evil, wrong things that lies inside every one of us. It’s the little things that all add up, like raindrops that become a pond, then a lake and finally an ocean. Every little lie, every time we cheat someone, every temptation to commit adultery, every sin that starts in our minds can be resisted before they become raindrops. Is it easy? No. Is it really what we should do? Yes. By resisting evil in the little ways we are both becoming better people and we are denying that sea of evil the raindrops that our sins would be.

We should also resist the big evils that threaten our world. Speak out against government corruption and arrogance. Raise your voice against the rising tide of tyranny that can erase the freedoms we grew up with. Speak out against all of the wrongs in our society, from the actions of the murderous kidnapper next door to the practices of perversions being shoved in our faces. Cry out against institutionalized murder and mayhem as practiced by the government in the name of security. Each voice raised against evils such as these eventually join together into a mighty shout such as was heard before the walls of Jericho in ancient times; the more voices that cry out the louder and more powerful that shout will be.

So do I believe that we can turn things around and start the ebbing of the tide of evil? Sadly, no. Things have passed the tipping pint where they could be reversed and all we can do now is try to ride things out as best as we can. Then why should we bother with resisting? Because so long as someone is resisting evil it will be as in the days of Lot when a city was spared judgement for the presence of a righteous man. So long as someone is still resisting evil all is not completely lost and there will be some hope for the future. And besides, by resisting we will become better people and will become strong enough to face the horrors ahead.

So resist evil as best as you can, my friends. Stand and be counted for the cause of justice and righteousness while you can. Be one of the average people doing your part. Resist the falling darkness before it swallows your soul and you become lost along with so many others.

Resist evil.

Peace and blessings to you all, my friends.

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Why There Is No Such Thing As ‘Curing’ Homosexuality

“An insightful and well reasoned look at the real issue behind homosexuality and sexual obsessions of all kinds. If I didn’t think this was worth reading I wouldn’t reblog it, so open your heart and read away…”

Short Little Rebel

This is actually Part II of the previous article, “Should Christians Be In The Business of Curing Gays?

We’ve been talking about the notion of ‘curing’ homosexual behavior within the context of the closing of Exodus International.  Some say that gays can’t be cured.  Some say they can be.  Some say that God will cure them.  However,   I firmly reject entire the notion of ‘cure‘. Those who practice homosexuality are not sick. Nor are they born that way. People decide to engage in immoral sex. Thus, a ‘cure’ makes no sense.  Also, a church whose entire function should be so narrowly focused can’t possibly be a church. And it very well could lead to mental torture on people.  Not Christ’s goal.

If homosexuals are ‘sick’, then so are all people and our sickness has a name:  ‘SIN‘.

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Decisions, Decisions…

As sort of a follow-up to my last post regarding the identity of the Beast of Revelation, and since March 23rd was the date that Obamacare was supposed to start requiring all Americans to get implanted with an RFID chip for access to their medical care, I thought I would write next about what in the world we can do in the face of these dangers. I’m generally not much for giving advice – I am reminded of the rude adage that opinions are like butts, everyone has one and they usually stink – but considering the gravity of the time we live in, it may be a good idea to start reviewing just what options we have.

One thing I will say up front, and here I am taking what some would call a defeatist position, I don’t believe that there is much of anything that can be done to stop what has been set in motion. There has been talk here in America about a Second American Revolution happening to stop Obama and the fascist takeover of this nation, and I do not doubt the patriotism or seriousness of the proponents of such action, but I don’t believe that it will do any good. I believe that any attempt at armed insurrection is doomed to fail firstly because we would be fighting against a well armed and indoctrinated government, but secondly – and more importantly – I believe that the time has come for the events of the Revelation to come to pass. This is a subject that I have discussed or at least mentioned in several previous posts so I won’t go into all of the reasons why I believe that this age has reached its end game; suffice it to say that all of the conditions described in the Bible and elsewhere, conditions natural, social, political, technological, moral and spiritual, are in place for us to see the prophecies come to pass. The only consolation is that Christ will be returning soon in power and glory to claim his throne on this earth!

So what can we do in these perilous times? Is there even anything that we can do when all of the odds are against us and our world is rapidly falling under the shadow of the most heinous dictatorship that has ever been? Yes, there are things we can do: we can choose how we will meet this threat.

The foremost thing to do in this dire situation is to trust completely in the Lord our God. We can make all of the best plans that we know how to make, we can prepare ourselves and our refuges, but unless we are seeking God’s will and His deliverance none of our preparations will be worth anything. Wherever each of our paths will lead us we must have faith and trust in our Lord that He will guide and protect us, and even though there will be many millions of us worldwide who will fall, we must trust that God knows what He is doing and will use those deaths for truth and His glory. Without faith, without prayer and without trust in God all of our preparations and actions are no more than the scurrying of cockroaches when the light comes on.

So then, given that we are trusting in God for guidance and protection and strength, what are our options as Americans living under the rising power of the Beast? I see that we have four basic options: accept the Mark and be damned for eternity, reject the Mark and sit tight until we are herded into the FEMA concentration camps, reject the Mark and head for the hills, or emigrate to another country.

The first option, accepting the Mark and the rule of the Beast, isn’t really an option even though most of the world will choose it. The Bible is clear that all who accept the Mark of the Beast and worship him will suffer eternal damnation, and for me there is nothing that this world can do that will be worth enduring that to avoid. Death, imprisonment, slave labor, none of those travails are anything compared to eternal damnation. So for anyone who has put their faith in Jesus Christ and received the promise of salvation, accepting the Mark of the Beast is off of the table. I will never accept it for myself; I have been around for fifty-six years now and some of them were even good, and throwing away salvation for what would at best be a temporary stay of execution is not an option.

So let’s look at the second option, which is refusing the Mark and taking whatever they throw at us. For many millions of us globally this will end up being our choice. It was predicted in the Bible that many will die for their faith and their refusal to worship the Beast and accept his Mark, and it no longer takes much of a stretch of the imagination to see that happening. The pathological hatred of true faith in Christ is rising to a crescendo both in America and around the world; even here in the U.S. there are laws in the works which threaten severe penalties to any Christian. The U.S. government has built numerous camps run by FEMA which were supposed to be for emergencies but which are really internment camps for anyone deemed a threat to society…such as Christians who refuse to bow down before the Beast.. Millions of plastic coffins have been bought and stockpiled around the country and our government is training and preparing for widespread arrests and incarcerations…who are they for? They are for us, my friends. So, unless you have made other plans, refusing to take their Mark will land you in a concentration camp, or worse, but again, compared to an eternity of suffering that is a small price to pay…

What about bugging out to avoid the whole question of whether or not to accept the Mark? This is an option that more and more people are seriously considering, but it is also one that brings its own set of challenges. First, to do it properly you need financial resources to get you started, which fewer and fewer people have available these days. Second, you will need certain skills in order to survive in the wild, such as shelter building, hunting/fishing and growing food and storing your food supplies to get through lean times or at least the winter months, and with most of America living in urban areas there aren’t that many people with the necessary skills. Third, you will need someplace to go that is as remote as possible in order to minimize the possibility of being found by other people, and there are getting to be fewer and fewer places like that here in the lower forty-eight states. And finally, you will have to be utterly dedicated to staying as far out of sight as possible, for once discovered you will at the least be arrested and sent to a camp; this means no contact with the outside world whatsoever. One new problem with this challenge is the rapidly expanding fleets of surveillance drones which make it a lot easier to keep remote areas under observation, and with technology such as infrared on board them the drones would be particularly good at spotting any encampments in the wild. So while bugging out is an appealing and even in a sense a romantic type of option, it is no safe bet even if you have the means and the skills to survive in the wild.

The final option to avoid the Mark is to emigrate from America and Europe and live in another country. While this option does have its challenges such as language barriers, the cost of relocating and the difficulties of adjusting to a new culture, there are benefits to it. The primary one is that the Mark of the Beast will not be implemented as quickly in some places as it will in others. I personally believe that the Mark will begin right here in the US since they are already beginning to make it law, and most of Europe won’t be far behind. Russia will resist the implementation of the Mark but will probably give in at some point. The English-speaking nations like Australia, Canada and New Zealand will fairly quickly follow America and the EU. Japan already has most of the technical infrastructure in place, and with their love of high-tech they won’t be far behind, while India is already experimenting with biometric identity systems. Where does that leave to emigrate to? Well, parts of Africa and South America are looking pretty good right now. Contrary to popular belief here in America, there are parts of Africa, particularly Ghana, that are quite stable politically (at least they are as stable as anywhere else these days) and are still doing well for themselves. Much of South America has a climate better suited for Americans but in places such as Chile, Peru and Ecuador you have to take into consideration the significant threat of severe earthquakes. Southeast Asia would also be good for delaying having to face the Mark, but the cultures are so different and the climate is so much steamier that most Americans probably would not find it very appealing. Right now my money is on Africa, where the cost of living is still low enough that anyone who could move there would be able to live well without spending a small fortune.

In case you hadn’t noticed, although I am sure that you have, the common factor of all of these options is that they will only delay having to face the Mark of the Beast. Eventually it would probably catch up to you no matter where you went or what you did, but any delay would be very helpful. Besides, I don’t believe that it will affect everyone everywhere to the same degree. After all, the Bible is clear that there will be some of us who will survive until the return of Jesus, and I personally believe that I will be one of them; not that I am anyone special, for I am not, but because that is what God has shown me through my dreams. And you can critique that statement however you like, but I know what I’ve seen and I won’t be changing my mind on this.

So what are my plans? I have plans, but prudence dictates that in this age when all of our online activity is being monitored I should not speak of my plans. What is my recommendation? That you pray for God’s guidance and that He will reveal to you which way that He wants you to go. In the long run that will be the deciding factor in the success or failure of any measures that you may take to evade imprisonment and the Mark of the Beast. But I will say that you had better hurry up and make those tough decisions, because the Mark is nearly upon us and soon the time to act will be forever gone.

Peace and blessings be with you always, my friends…


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The Beast is Rising

“From Genesis to Revelation, the story now unfolds…

666 and the Beast is arising

love is the answer but love grows cold…”


from the song “Original Man” by King Swamp, copyright 1989 by Virgin Records.


I will start today’s post with that quote from a really good song by one of the best unknown bands that I’ve ever heard simply because at this time, in 2013, we are watching prophecy come true on an almost daily basis, and they are prophecies that bode ill for humanity. Yes, I am referring to all of the Biblical prophecies regarding the Anti-Christ, the Beast of Revelation, the vile global dictator that Christians have been dreading for 2,000 years. It is true that people have mistakenly believed that others throughout history were the Beast, based primarily on how they behaved, people like Nero, several popes, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler and even Saddam Hussein, but none of those people fit the right combinations of global events and personal heinousness. But today we are seeing the rise of that very dictator in the midst of the right combination of global events, and I am 100% convinced that this current attempt at installing the Beast is the one spoken of in Revelation.

I say attempt to install deliberately because I believe that Satan has been trying to get his boy installed into power since shortly after the time of Christ, and Satan is nothing if not persistent. I believe that Nero was an attempt to install the Beast, and possibly also Charlemagne (if you read about Charlemagne in any depth you will see that he was not the benign, wise ruler history paints him as but was instead a ruthless king who crushed any opposition to his efforts). I also believe that Napoleon and Hitler were both attempts to install the Beast precisely because their behaviors were what was written about the Beast by prophets such as Daniel, Ezekiel and John the Apostle; besides, in those cases along with Nero and Charlemagne they were the rulers of the most powerful military empires of their day. remember that statement and thought, for I will come back to it shortly.

In keeping with my policy of not burdening my readers with endless references to the Scriptures I will limit my references to the following books and chapters, which I encourage you to read objectively to see if old Dave knows what he is talking about. The references are Daniel 11 and Revelation 13 – take a few moments to read them and absorb what they are saying before we look at what to watch for regarding the identity of the Beast.

This evil dictator’s primary attributes are pride and haughtiness, a disregard for what is honest and godly and an elevation of himself above all that is holy and true. He is a liar, a thief and a usurper. He does not deal honestly with anyone, especially the people under him. He is filled with vanity and blind ambition, deceit and a lack of common decency. He elevates himself over everyone and everything. In short, he acts just like the worst of the Caesars, like Napoleon, like Hitler. He is a totalitarian and an authoritarian who believes that it is his destiny to rule with an iron fist and that he has the right to crush any and all opposition. He is a complete bastard and the worst dictator the world has ever produced.

What are some of the actions he will take that can be used to identify him? That’s pretty apparent from reading the Scriptures. He will usurp power. He will force Israel to sign a seven-year treaty that he has no intention of keeping. He will cause the world to worship him as the new messiah. He will cause the conditions that will get the whole world, or at least the greater part of it, to accept the globalists’ dream of a universal ID that will be needed to conduct even the simplest financial transactions. He will wage war on the saints, meaning the Christians who dare to defy his dictatorship. And in the end he will invade Israel with his evil heart set on that nation’s destruction.

As an interesting sidenote, a few months ago I wrote a post wherein I referenced the Beast, and on that post I received the interesting comment that the Beast would be the looked for 12th Mahdi of Islam. At the time I didn’t put much credibility into that theory but I did promise the writer of the comment that I would look into it further and think it over. Long story short, I have done exactly that and as a result I have come to agreement with my wise reader. If you think about it this makes perfect sense since it will bring the world’s 1.5 plus Muslims into line with the Beast’s reign, and who better to help him wage war against the saints than the very religion that has zero tolerance for infidels of any other faith, but are also especially antagonistic toward Christians. Which means that this vile leader will have to be a Muslim himself since the Muslims would never accept an infidel as the 12th Mahdi. So that is another attribute that we can watch for. This also makes a lot of sense when viewed in light of the pending “reconciliation” of Islam with apostate Christianity, which doesn’t believe in the immutable truths of the Bible; this very “ecumenicalism” will eventually encompass Islam, apostate Christianity, polytheistic Hinduism and Buddhism, which doesn’t believe in a personal God as we know it. All of the anti-Christian faiths will be joined under the Beast’s banner in the name of mutual respect and acceptance, so we now have another action he will take to watch for.

One last thing to note before I go on to name this Beast is the fact that all previous attempts to install Satan’s chosen minion have taken place in the leading military powers of their time. Ancient Rome, the Frankish empire, post-revolutionary France and 1930s Germany were all either the leading military force of their day or became so under the rule of their despotic dictators. I have believed for many years that this will be another hallmark of the Beast’s rise to power. There have been many theories expounded over the last few decades that this dictator or that dictator was the Anti-Christ, but all of them failed to take into account the actual military power of the realm in question; the latest one that I have heard is the one that states that popinjay Ahmadinejad in Iran will be the Beast, but outside of its own little sphere of existence Iran is at best a third-rate military power and should therefore be excluded from consideration. What nation does that leave us then? Well, what nation is to this day the most powerful nation on the earth? That’s right, America, and I have believed for years that the Beast would prove to be an American President.

And so now I have tipped my hand regarding the identity of the Beast…that’s right, he is none other than the president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

Now I can imagine that right there I will have lost many of you for one reason or another. Maybe those of you who will leave at this point are fans of Obama – I will pray for you because you are already falling under the spell of the Beast. Maybe some of you find it impossible to believe that America could ever produce such a vile, evil dictator – the Germans thought the same about Germany right up until 1932. My hope and my prayer is that you will at least finish reading this post, and then if you wish to excoriate me in the comments feel free. But the Beast will be an American President no matter which President he will be. So, assuming you are still with me, let’s look at some of the facts surrounding this particular President and see if my argument will hold water – and please hold yours until I am through.

Obama is a Muslim who has shown an utter disregard for true Christian faith, to the point where he has even masqueraded as a Christian in order to get elected. He usurped power – enough doubt over his actual legality as a presidential contender, let alone a president, has been established to surpass the “beyond a reasonable doubt” clause. He has elevated himself above everyone and everything, taking no responsibility for failings and taking credit where it is not due him. He has lied and cheated and deceived the American people. He is haughty and filled with pride. He is on his way to Israel within days to discuss the Middle East peace process. He and his administration have been trampling on the U.S. Constitution for over four years now and it is getting worse; under Barack Hussein Obama America is being transformed into a police state such as the world hasn’t seen since Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. There are things that he hasn’t done yet to qualify him as the Beast. He hasn’t forced Israel to accept a deceitful treaty – yet. He hasn’t declared war on the saints – yet – but his administration has set the tone for it by cozying up to the Muslim Brotherhood and by standing against Christian values and beliefs. He hasn’t caused the implementation of the Mark of the Beast – yet – but with the quickening moves toward the establishment of such a system and with the economic destruction he is causing we are well on our way down that path. And he hasn’t been declared the messiah – yet – but when a national news magazine runs a cover story calling him the “New Messiah”, how much longer will it be before he fulfills that prophecy as well?

When did I first suspect that he would be the long-dreaded Beast of Revelation? When he made that famous appearance in Berlin during the 2008 campaign. As I watched the outpouring of adulation and transcendent joy that the Germans greeted him with I was reminded of Adolf Hitler, and frankly the alarms started sounding in my head. Since then I have watched him and prayed that I was wrong, and since then I have found absolutely nothing to discredit the idea that he would be the Beast.

There…I have done it, I have gone on the record with the identity of the Beast. I may have just made myself a marked man, but the truth must be said no matter what the cost. I sincerely hope that I am wrong about him, but I know that I am not; too many prophecies concerning the Beast are being fulfilled in the person of Barack Hussein Obama to believe otherwise.

May God have mercy on us all…

One final note before I go, and this goes out to all of you who may be thinking of calumnies to hurl at me in the comments section – prove me wrong. Don’t just hurl insults or blind denials at me – prove me wrong. I beg of you, prove me wrong…I don’t think that anyone will be able to.

Peace and blessings to you all, my friends.


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