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Merry Christmas 2015

Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged back in…

It’s been a whole year and a half since my last post and a lot has happened, both to me personally and in the world at large. For those of my readers who have been following me this whole time, I apologize for the long hiatus in my writing and I thank you for your patience. For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time, please bear with me for a minute while I catch up…

In the world at large so much has been happening since I last wrote that I hardly know where to begin. Since my last post we’ve seen the rise of ISIS to global prominence as the world’s leading terror organization and have seen their influence extend well beyond the Middle East. ISIS-inspired terror attacks have been perpetrated by radicalized Muslims throughout the world, including America, and civilization as we know it in the West has been shaken to its very foundations. We’ve seen the Syrian civil war (as esteemed megalomaniac Axl Rose once sang, “what’s so civil about war anyway” – he may have borrowed that line from elsewhere) continue and now the U.S. and Russia have both been dragged into it on opposing sides, rather reminiscent of the proxy wars of the Cold War period. China has been aggressively claiming the entire South China Sea and its islands, which are also claimed by nations such as the Philippines and Vietnam, and the Red Chinese have been busily turning isolated reefs into small islands capable of supporting military operations. The Earth has inched ever closer to the spectre of World War III with the three major powers – America, Russia and China – all working against each other while the world looks on with held breath. Our world is rapidly sinking into chaos and madness and no one, especially Barack Hussein Obama, seems to know what to do about it or even acts like they care. If ever we were in the Last Days of this age it is now.

Personally, the last year and a half have seen me go through a lot of personal turmoil, which is primarily why this blog has been so silent. Many things have happened around me which has left me out of balance and scrambling for some sort of stability. I received yet another “no” from Social Security concerning my disability case, when sent me into a tailspin. I endured romantic disaster which left me despondent and deeply depressed; at one point my psychiatrist was even considering electroshock therapy as a way of pulling me out of it. And then things finally started turning around in June of this year when my eldest daughter got in touch with me, followed in short order by my eldest son, and the depression began to lift. I finally admitted to myself that I had an excellent romance with a sweet Christian lady who I had loved for over a year and began focusing my attentions on her. And most importantly, I finally got back on track spiritually by slowly becoming an active and committed follower of God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Life isn’t perfect – when is it ever – but it’s a lot better than it was in June of 2014 when I last wrote a post for this blog.

So I will once again become active in my writing after a long break. I will try to be diligent about writing on a regular basis but I make no promises until I get back in the habit of writing. I will alter the focus of this blog from politics and the esoteric to a more spiritual approach, which still leaves room for a lot of weirdness since reality is so very different from what most of us believe, even Christians. So please just bear with me while I get my writer’s feet back under me and get my happy butt back to work.

In the meantime let’s not forget the reason for the Christmas season, which is that roughly 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem the Savior of all humanity was born, Jesus Christ. The exact date is unimportant as are the traditions that have grown over the last 20 centuries and even the origins of the date of December 25th as the day when we celebrate the birth of the Messiah. What really matters is that the Son of God was born into this world to pay the price for all our sins and to be the sacrifice through which we might obtain Salvation. I will not make apologies if this belief offends anyone for God is greatly offended by our sins. Thankfully He is a merciful and loving God who cared enough to submit His only Son to the horrors of crucifixion and death.

So love each other this blessed Christmas season and try not to focus on the material aspect of the holiday. Instead focus on all those who love you, your friends, your family, and your loving Father in heaven.

Peace and blessings be with you all.


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Goodbye to 2013

As I sit here sleepless at 3:30 in the morning on New Year’s Day I’ve been reflecting back on the year that just ended and decided to put my thoughts in print. So as you read this keep in mind that I am sleep deprived right now, and as always , consider the source.

2013 was a weird year for me personally. It started out hopeful in a number of ways but as the year progressed those hopes crumbled for one reason or another. A dear friend that I was very close to drifted away for reasons unstated, which was a major disappointment. Hopes for improving my overall health and fitness faded into just trying to maintain what I already have. Hopes and dreams, and heavy emphasis on dreams, were crushed when someone I really cared about turned away from me. My personal life deteriorated to the point where I was afraid that I would end up homeless on the streets, and I finally had to go in the hospital for a five-day re-tuning of my mental state. One of the biggest disappointments of the year was getting turned down yet again for my Social Security disability benefits, which has left me in financial limbo for what will probably be the next year and a half. So overall this past year wasn’t all that great, but it was still better than some years I’ve had in the past.

On the plus side of things, I have made a lot of really good online friends this past year, most of whom keep in touch with me on a fairly regular basis; that seems strange to me since I have drastically reduced the number of hours that I spend obsessing on Facebook. My personal situation has stabilized to the point where I am no longer in panicked flight mode, which is a good thing because when I get that way I always manage to make the wrong decisions. My interest in music is starting to come back after several months of non-existence, and while my guitars remain untouched I am at least listening to music again on occasion. I was given a Playstation 2 for Christmas so now I am getting back into gaming, a hobby that I always loved and a good harmless way to occupy the empty hours in my day. My attorney has expressed the opinion that I stand a good chance of getting my disability when I go before the judge, which should happen sometime in early 2015, so I am hesitantly hopeful regarding that. My mental state, while never what could be called good, has improved to the point where my issues are more manageable. And probably most importantly, I have been spending more time talking to God the past four months than I had in the first part of the year, and that is very important to me.

Looking at the world around me I see that things have really gone downhill and are continuing to do so. We have a Congress that is bitterly divided and completely ineffective. The Obama administration has been plagued by more scandals than any President’s that I can remember, and I believe we have only seen the tip of the iceberg in that regard. We have a closet Muslim President who always chooses to side with the Islamists and the terrorists of the Muslim Brotherhood. The homosexuals have managed to push their agenda to the point where same-sex marriage is becoming legal in most states, and now such perverts as pedophiles and the bestiality people are starting to claim that their deviance is just another sexual orientation and should be recognized as such. Obamacare’s highly touted roll out is a complete mess. And our economy is being held together with spit and baling wire and could come undone at any time. So 2013 was a year when America slipped ever further down the slippery slope, and if ever a nation was ripe for a dictator it is us.

So the bottom line is that in my book 2013 wasn’t that good of a year, and I’m afraid that 2014 doesn’t look like it will be much of an improvement. All I can do is hope, which is hard for me, and pray, which is getting easier every day. This new year could end up surprising me and turn out OK, but I don’t expect it to. Am I being gloomy about it? Probably, but I’m gloomy for very good reasons. I always try to hope for the best but expect the worst, and then when things turn out good I am pleasantly surprised.

So for 2014 I say “I hope it turns out to be a good year”, but I’m ready for it if it’s not. My prayer for each and every one of you is that this year goes well for you, in as many ways as possible. May you all have peace and joy in this year in spite of the challenges thrown in your path, and may you all come to a deeper knowledge and understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ. For ultimately our best hopes lie with Him.

As for 2013 I say “goodbye and good riddance”!

Peace and blessings to you all, my friends.


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Why There Is No Such Thing As ‘Curing’ Homosexuality

“An insightful and well reasoned look at the real issue behind homosexuality and sexual obsessions of all kinds. If I didn’t think this was worth reading I wouldn’t reblog it, so open your heart and read away…”

Short Little Rebel

This is actually Part II of the previous article, “Should Christians Be In The Business of Curing Gays?

We’ve been talking about the notion of ‘curing’ homosexual behavior within the context of the closing of Exodus International.  Some say that gays can’t be cured.  Some say they can be.  Some say that God will cure them.  However,   I firmly reject entire the notion of ‘cure‘. Those who practice homosexuality are not sick. Nor are they born that way. People decide to engage in immoral sex. Thus, a ‘cure’ makes no sense.  Also, a church whose entire function should be so narrowly focused can’t possibly be a church. And it very well could lead to mental torture on people.  Not Christ’s goal.

If homosexuals are ‘sick’, then so are all people and our sickness has a name:  ‘SIN‘.

View original post 603 more words

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To All Veterans…

Lately, with all of the shootings going on, we’ve been hearing a lot in the news about veterans and the mentally ill being threats to everyone. While I have found the talk on the subject repugnant on several levels, I have also found it to be disconcerting in what it means for our future. Let’s take a quick look at why.

I’d first like to say that I find a lot of the hubbub concerning these shootings based on a lot of inconsistent reporting and manipulation of public opinion through the news media. There have been too many questions concerning reports of second shooters and such that have not only been ignored, but have been actively swept under the rug. The outcry against Americans owning guns has been whipped into a frenzy by the media and is being used to ram through legislation aiming at either changing or doing away with our 2nd Amendment, and this only serves the purposes of the UN and globalist aim to disarm the American public. “But we have a free and independent press in America!” If you really still believe that, then I feel sorry for you.

Much has been made of the “fact” that the shooters were all mentally ill. Maybe they were, but mentally ill people can very susceptible to suggestion. My first point is that not all mentally ill people are violent psychopaths just waiting to make headlines as the next mass murderer. Most mentally ill people are too crushed by their illness to take such action. Most mentally ill people would rather take violent action against themselves than against others. However, if all mentally ill people end up classified as would-be shooters, then naturally public outcry would demand that some kind of action be taken against them, such as mass incarceration or worse. Gee, that sounds an awful lot like the view held by many would be saviors of humanity that the deranged and infirm should be eliminated to better the human species, doesn’t it?

But it is the demonizing of all veterans that is the most disturbing to me. America’s veterans are the same people who have served our nation and defended our shores for generations, unlike many in the left who’s only involvement with the military has been to criticize it. When the Federal government declared that all veterans were potentially homegrown terrorists I cringed in revulsion at the very idea. Every one of us who served in the military took an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”, and for most of us that oath was not abrogated when we finished our time of service. This is why the vast majority of veterans are pretty conservative people. So why would our own Uncle Sam repudiate us and declare us threats to national security? Why indeed…

Nearly all of the veterans I know are gun owners for one reason or another. Those of us who do own weapons have retained our skill with them, which means that we know how to shoot and how to shoot well. Considering the oath we all took and our proficiency with firearms, that means that there is a very large block of American citizens who have sworn our loyalty to our Constitution and know how to shoot, and for many of us who served in combat we have experience and training at keeping our heads under fire. I know many vets who are calm, peaceful people who learned the hard way how to conduct themselves effectively while under fire.

Ah, now we are getting closer to why it seems to be one of the missions of our own government and the media to make us sound like a bunch of Al Qaeda moles just waiting for orders. When the Department of Homeland Security (aka the American Gestapo in my book) pronounced that all American veterans were potential terrorists they were firing the first shot in their campaign to isolate and negate us as a threat. But who are we a threat to? Not to our Constitution. Not to our fellow citizens; vets are notorious law-abiding citizens who do not hesitate to help our fellow Americans even at risk to ourselves. No, the only threat that we represent is to those who would destroy our rights under the Constitution and destroy from within the nation that we love and served. We are only a threat to those who would impose a dictatorship upon America, to those who would destroy our freedoms in the name of globalization. We are a threat to no one else.

What does history have to say about this? Plenty. In the turbulent days of the declining Roman Empire, one of the most vocal and potentially dangerous segments of society were the veterans, those men who had served in Rome’s legions, done their tours, and then lived long enough to become civilians again. Why were the Roman veterans a potential threat? Because they knew how to fight and how to keep cool in combat; because they had sworn oaths to defend Rome against all enemies. Many a Roman emperor and Senate had to rein in some of their less reputable activities because the veterans were dead set against them. In England under the Tudor and Stuart dynasties, when England had not yet begun maintaining a standing army, both the Crown and Parliament had to tread carefully at times lest they enrage the nation’s veterans, who knew how to use bow, spear and sword effectively and weren’t afraid to fight toe to toe with an enemy. When the Soviets disarmed most of their population during the first two decades of their rule, why did they do it? It was because there were millions of veterans of the First World War and the Civil War who knew how to shoot and survive in combat. When the Nazis disarmed the German people it was for the same reasons. In the last two cases these disarmaments were followed by martial law, repression of the citizenry, and eventually the murder of their own people in mind-staggering numbers.

So, in summation, we have forces at work in this country that seek to destroy our freedoms and disarm us as a way to bring us grudgingly into the globalist fold as a part of a one world government. The Feds have been buying ammunition in vast numbers and not military ammunition but the internationally proscribed hollow points that do the most damage. Why does the Social Security Administration need huge supplies of ammo? Why has the IRS begun maintaining their own SWAT teams complete with armored vehicles? In neither case is it for use against foreign enemies – it is for use against us. The globalist plan to usher in their New World Order has reached its end game, and the only thing that stands in their way are millions of Americans, many of them veterans, who know how to shoot and survive. That is what we are a threat to, my military brothers and sisters. We are the brick wall separating them from their goal, and they will not hesitate to knock us down.

So as we progress into the new year we all need to stay alert, to keep our eyes open. We veterans need to stay in touch with each other, for we are soon going to once again be compelled to stand up and serve our country. We may not be as young as we were when we served, we may not be as fit, and we may no longer wear the uniforms we once so proudly wore each day, but we still have our love of America the free and we still know how to bear arms effectively, even in the face of danger. Our oaths still bind us, and the day is coming when those oaths will once again sustain us. We are America’s last line of defense against those who would ruin this nation, and should we fall or fail the only thing remaining will be one way trips to American gulags and concentration camps.

To all of my brothers and sisters who served in the army: “Hooah!”

To all of my brothers and sisters who will always be Marines: “Semper fi!”

And to all of my brothers and sisters who served in the Navy and the Air Force (neither of which has a catchy battle cry!): stand strong and true.

‘Nuff said!

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Mental Illness is Not a Crime

In the wake of the Colorado shooting the subject of mental illness has seeped into the news once again, so naturally I decided to air an opinion or two on the subject. (There’s no doubt in my mind that the kid that shot all of those people is mentally ill; most of the lone wolf killers have one form of mental illness or another, even if they are “just” sociopaths. But I want to head off any attempts that may be coming down the pike to categorize all or most mentally ill people as psychotic killers just waiting for an opportunity to open fire.)

According to National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) roughly 26% of adult Americans suffer from one kind of mental illness or another (there are many, and NIMH’s website gives a good overview of what they are and what the symptoms are), and one-quarter of those, or 6% of the general population of adults, deal with mental conditions that can cause serious disruptions of their daily lives. That translates into approximately 57 million Americans with some form of mental illness and 10 to 12 million whose mental illness disrupts what most people consider normal lives and relegates them to the shadowy worlds of institutions and homelessness. That’s a lot of people affected, and these are just the cases that they know about.

There are many causes for mental illness and the majority of them have nothing to do with drugs, although most people with dependency problems have some kind of mental illness that is most likely undiagnosed. (One last point on the subject of substance abuse and mental illness is that while most addicts have undiagnosed mental illnesses and are self-medicating whether they know it or not, substance abuse has been proven to make an existing mental illness worse. I just wanted to be clear on that!) The two leading factors that cause mental illness are genetics and environment. When it comes to genetics, a great many mental illnesses, especially the most serious ones, are inherited from one or both parents; basically, the parental genes combine to cause chemical imbalances in the brain or just plain “faulty wiring” as I call it. With environment, mental illnesses can stem from growing up in abusive homes (probably the most famous case being that of Sybil and her multiple personalities), or from an excess of stress over an extended period of time as I addressed in my post on ethnic violence a couple of weeks back. A third theory, which is basically mine as I don’t hear much about it from anywhere else, is that the high percentages of mental illness in this country are at least partly caused by the excess of electromagnetic fields which surround us every moment of our lives; even excluding those poor folks who happen to live underneath high tension power lines, just the radiant energy from everything from radio signals to GPS to WiFi to cell towers is a source of EM energy that the human brain was never intended to be submersed in. And no, I have no empirical data to back this up, but it does make sense, which is why this theory can be filed under “Dave’s Theories on Everything”!

So we have a huge problem, but how many answers do we have? Not many that are worth the time and money spent on them. The current mental health system in the United States is overburdened, so most facilities are forced to operate under the “let’s get them back out the door as quickly as we can” method. Medications can help alleviate symptoms, and there are always new and improved medicines coming out, but there are nearly always side effects that are almost as bad as the illness they are treating, and treating a patient with just medications, at least for that 6% with serious problems, is more of a band-aid solution as there is little counseling available to help them deal with their core issues or even just help them cope with day-to-day living. Part of the problem is that most insurances, even the government programs like Medicaid and Medicare, provide very little in the way of psychiatric treatment. Those of us who are veterans probably get the best care as there are some very dedicated psychiatrists working in the VA system. But I want it to be known that there are some very dedicated people out there in the mental health profession who work very hard to help people mired in an overburdened mental health system. I have a good friend who works at a state hospital under difficult conditions who gives it her all every day, and I wish that there were a lot more out there like her.

I guess that my main point is that no one wakes up one morning and decides, “Hey, I think I’ll become schizophrenic today!” No one chooses to be Bi-polar or schizoaffective or to have multiple personalities. People with mental illnesses have an illness. They have a disease just like people who have cancer or Hepatitus-C or flesh-eating bacteria. Mental illnesses are diseases that affect the most sensitive of organs, the human brain. While their behavior may be hard to understand or even bizarre at times, it is the disease that is causing them to do that. Am I being too soft on mentally ill people? Some of you might think so, but I don’t. If someone like that kid in Colorado goes out and commits a crime because they are mentally ill there still have to be consequences, but there also has to be some effort at treating their illness. Don’t just stuff them into some hellhole like Bedlam and forget about them. Put them in prison (which most prisons are staffed to provide at least some mental health care) or an institution for the criminally insane if their crime justifies that. But whatever you do, don’t put all mentally ill people in the same category as that kid from Colorado. It is not a crime to be mentally ill, nor should it ever be.

So the next time you run across someone who clearly suffers from a mental illness, don’t make fun of them or think that they are just slackers. The mentally ill live each and every day in their own private hell and don’t need anyone’s help at feeling worthless and broken. The mentally ill are human beings who need help, who need friends and need love and understanding, not scorn and derision.

Besides, for all you know, someday you could be one of them.


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