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Politics versus Faith


(Authors Note: I originally wrote this in 2013 after a contentious political season, but I believe strongly that this is a s true today as when I wrote it four years ago. We have a new President now, but the political landscape in America is just as polarized and divided as it was in 2013. Ok, it is more so. But spiritual truth never changes. Think on what I repost here and remember that our faith in Jesus Christ is far more important than our politics. Grace and peace to you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.)

A few weeks ago, prior to the last election in fact, I had made the statement in one of my posts that I tried to stay out of the thick of politics since it is at best a field of verbal combat for people with opposing views. I also stated…

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Feeling Helpless These Days? REJOICE!!

Short Little Rebel

helpless2I was just praying for healing over a friend and was contemplating how even our cells must fall under the power of the name of Christ. Jesus was not a liar. All his promises are true. He told us that we could do all he could do- and more- because of the Holy Spirit he was sending us. Everything must obey the name of Jesus. Everything. And then it occurred to me that the entire world must also come into order upon the command of Christ. In fact, the entire world is already coming into order according to the commands of God. It is spinning and moving exactly according to God’s plan from the very beginning. I suddenly realized that this is truly something to rejoice about- even with all the chaos and evil, we should rejoice because everything is under God’s commands! A great light shimmered through the darkness…

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Baptism of the Holy Spirit- What is THAT?!

It is only by walking in the power of God’s Holy Spirit that we can truly change and become obedient servants of Christ Jesus. He alone is our Lord and Savior and before Him every knee shall bow and every tongue confess. Jesus is Lord and there is no other name by which we are saved.

Short Little Rebel

baptism-of-fireI was so surprised to hear my new pastor, Tim, introduce his new series on this very subject.  He began with the question: what is Church? And of course, we know the answer to be: The People who Love and Obey Jesus + The Holy Spirit who Abides Within Them. Without the Holy Spirit, they have no power at all. Without the Holy Spirit, they are dry, broken bones. We can do nothing ourselves. Today’s service focused on the very first thing Jesus told his disciples to do after he was resurrected and before he ascended into heaven. And that was: WAIT. Wait for the Holy Spirit. Because without it, they would have no power.

Remember, they had already been water baptized. They already believed that Jesus was their Lord, Master, King, and Savior. They were already ready to die for his sake. They were excited and ready to take…

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Merry Christmas 2015

Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged back in…

It’s been a whole year and a half since my last post and a lot has happened, both to me personally and in the world at large. For those of my readers who have been following me this whole time, I apologize for the long hiatus in my writing and I thank you for your patience. For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time, please bear with me for a minute while I catch up…

In the world at large so much has been happening since I last wrote that I hardly know where to begin. Since my last post we’ve seen the rise of ISIS to global prominence as the world’s leading terror organization and have seen their influence extend well beyond the Middle East. ISIS-inspired terror attacks have been perpetrated by radicalized Muslims throughout the world, including America, and civilization as we know it in the West has been shaken to its very foundations. We’ve seen the Syrian civil war (as esteemed megalomaniac Axl Rose once sang, “what’s so civil about war anyway” – he may have borrowed that line from elsewhere) continue and now the U.S. and Russia have both been dragged into it on opposing sides, rather reminiscent of the proxy wars of the Cold War period. China has been aggressively claiming the entire South China Sea and its islands, which are also claimed by nations such as the Philippines and Vietnam, and the Red Chinese have been busily turning isolated reefs into small islands capable of supporting military operations. The Earth has inched ever closer to the spectre of World War III with the three major powers – America, Russia and China – all working against each other while the world looks on with held breath. Our world is rapidly sinking into chaos and madness and no one, especially Barack Hussein Obama, seems to know what to do about it or even acts like they care. If ever we were in the Last Days of this age it is now.

Personally, the last year and a half have seen me go through a lot of personal turmoil, which is primarily why this blog has been so silent. Many things have happened around me which has left me out of balance and scrambling for some sort of stability. I received yet another “no” from Social Security concerning my disability case, when sent me into a tailspin. I endured romantic disaster which left me despondent and deeply depressed; at one point my psychiatrist was even considering electroshock therapy as a way of pulling me out of it. And then things finally started turning around in June of this year when my eldest daughter got in touch with me, followed in short order by my eldest son, and the depression began to lift. I finally admitted to myself that I had an excellent romance with a sweet Christian lady who I had loved for over a year and began focusing my attentions on her. And most importantly, I finally got back on track spiritually by slowly becoming an active and committed follower of God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Life isn’t perfect – when is it ever – but it’s a lot better than it was in June of 2014 when I last wrote a post for this blog.

So I will once again become active in my writing after a long break. I will try to be diligent about writing on a regular basis but I make no promises until I get back in the habit of writing. I will alter the focus of this blog from politics and the esoteric to a more spiritual approach, which still leaves room for a lot of weirdness since reality is so very different from what most of us believe, even Christians. So please just bear with me while I get my writer’s feet back under me and get my happy butt back to work.

In the meantime let’s not forget the reason for the Christmas season, which is that roughly 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem the Savior of all humanity was born, Jesus Christ. The exact date is unimportant as are the traditions that have grown over the last 20 centuries and even the origins of the date of December 25th as the day when we celebrate the birth of the Messiah. What really matters is that the Son of God was born into this world to pay the price for all our sins and to be the sacrifice through which we might obtain Salvation. I will not make apologies if this belief offends anyone for God is greatly offended by our sins. Thankfully He is a merciful and loving God who cared enough to submit His only Son to the horrors of crucifixion and death.

So love each other this blessed Christmas season and try not to focus on the material aspect of the holiday. Instead focus on all those who love you, your friends, your family, and your loving Father in heaven.

Peace and blessings be with you all.

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Massive Draught in California : Feds Withhold Water To California Farmers For First Time In 54 Years

This is a dire warning that all Americans should take seriously. The current levels of water usage in this country are unsustainable and action needs to be taken to cut out the non-essential usage such as watering lawns. And we should try those responsible for selling billions of gallons of water to China for treason for they are contributing to the problem in the name of profit, like Nestle doesn’t make enough money already. That’s right, Nestle. I lived in San Antonio, Texas for over 16 years and have seen first-hand the tip of the iceberg that is water rationing and it is a difficult situation to be in. When over one-third of the US is in danger of severe water shortages it is beyond time for some kind of action to be taken. Many thanks to unifiedserenity for posting this article!


Most Americans don’t realize this, but earlier this year water levels in Lake Huron and Lake Michigan were at their lowest levels ever recorded.  The following is from a recent article by Suzanne Eovaldi

“Two of the Great Lakes have hit their lowest water levels EVER RECORDED,” the US Army Corps of Engineers reported early this year. Corps measurements taken in January of 2013 “show Lake Huron and Lake Michigan have reached their lowest ebb since record keeping began in 1918.”  The chief watershed hydrology expert warns Americans that “We’re in an extremesituation.”

So what is causing all of this?  Well, of course most of the water that leaves the Great Lakes is lost by evaporation.  But the fact that water is being steadily pumped out of the Great Lakes and sold overseas is certainly not helping matters

“Plunging water levels are beyond anyone’s control,” says another expert, James Weakley. But…

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Merry Christmas to All…

I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a merry Christmas. For my friends in the Far East it is already Christmas Day, and for the rest of us it is Christmas Eve. I hope that everyone is having a nice time with friends and family, however you may celebrate this holiday.

So Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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Welcome to My World

Here I come world, one more blogger spreading my thoughts across the Internet. I’m new to this blogging business, so all of you veteran bloggers are asked to be a little patient.

So why have I decided to add my voice to the cacaphony of virtual voices that are already thundering across cyberspace? Why not? I’ve seen posts online on every subject from politics to conspiracy theories (not much difference there, eh?), from recipes to celebrity gossip, and from the latest news to the oldest rumors. I’ve read posts that were as incisive as a scalpel or as dull as a butter knife and everything in between. I’ve read posts that were profoundly meaningful and others that were barely sentient. So, with all of that freedom to opine on the Internet, I’ve decided to join in the fun and do some opining of my own.

So, dear readers, in the next few weeks or months (depending on how quickly the lynch mob finds me) I plan on doing plenty of opining. There will probably be very few subjects that will escape my attention, and some of them are bound to tick a few of you off. I won’t apologize in advance as that implies a regret that I said whatever it was in the first place. However, I will ask for your forgiveness in advance…it just seems like the right thing to do.

So, here goes…


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