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Please feel free to drop me a line anytime. I’m always glad to meet new people and have discussions on the things that concern us most, or even just things that are on our minds…


9 responses to “Contact Me

  1. Email me at if you want to connect on fb. I catch hell over there 🙂 LOL

  2. Hello David,

    I’ve read you several times on The Extinction Protocol and thought I’d look this fellow up. Glad I did after reading your last two, and I intend to be back to read more.

    If I may say, if you are a “combat vet”, it would be good for you so say who you were with, where, and when in the “about” section. It is quite clear that you are most probably a “vet”, but do not be shy – put it out there so we all can say “hi.”

    L/cpl Reynolds
    Lima Company
    3/9 3rd Marine Division
    Viet Nam 1968 / 69

    Semper Fi my Brother –

    • Greetings to you, Marine! I served four years in the Navy (1975-1979). I spent two years on yard tugs in Bremerton, Washington, and then two years (or close to it) on a frigate, USS Albert David (FF-1050), attached to DesRon 56 “the Little Beavers” (yes, we had a lot of fun with the name of our destroyer squadron!). I never served in combat even though we spent most of our time watching Ivan’s subs in the Pacific. It’s good to hear from a fellow vet; ’68 and ’69 were busy years for the Marines in Vietnam. Thanks for your service, my brother, and thanks for reading and liking my posts!

      • I met an old-timer in the Syracuse NY VA who spen his time on “tugs” as well. Over the years he was “beat up” by others [the men who sit drinking beer with long war-stories never say the face of war] and felt so ashamed. Well, after some time I said to him “go remove the less than 1 gram valve retaining ring from one valve, and then go start your car and see how well it runs.” he cought on to that big-time! No matter what we did, or where we did it, we did it all for each other – we all function as onr machine! Without a tug sending a ship to sea – how would I ever det my “Beans Bullets and Bandages”, if you catch my drift. … So I’ll close with a big hello, and from Russia with Love [as I am in Moscow perhaps until Dec. 2015]. America is about to become a bloody mess. … Godspeed, John

  3. Thanks for your kind and true words, John. Yes, something that combat troops have often overlooked in the past is the fact that everyone in uniform, whatever their speciality, helps the frontline troops do their job. Every ship the tugs in Bremerton moved in and out of drydock while I was there was a combat vessel; the frigate I was on was not only a combat vessel but served as the forward line of defense to the Enterprise’s task force. I liked the reply you gave the other fellow, that was good! Peace and blessings to you while you are in Russia, and yes, the nation we served is about to become a bloody mess.

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